October 14, 2005

Okay, well, at least the Yankees lost. That’s some comfort. But on to more important things.

I got a 91 on my midterm in Historical Geography. OUTSTANDING! I was a little worried about it because this professor is not so forgiving of people who are morons. I’m also doing well in my Human Society & Environment class. Things are going well in school.

Apparently, I’m cute! I’ve heard of at least 4 people say that very thing about me in the last month, so it must be true. I mean, I always knew it, but it’s still nice to hear on occasion.

And now…the re-debut of the Friday Five. In consideration of one of my new addictions…the tv show “LOST”, this Friday Five is the “desert island” edition. To answer these questions for yourself (and for everyone’s enjoyment), please register in the forum and post away. A beautiful new 2005 nickel for the first poster in the forum.


You’re stranded on a desert island. Somehow, magically, you knew to bring the following five things to make being stranded somehow bearable.

  1. What form of entertainment would you bring with you (e.g. certain book or a badminton set?)Hmm…let’s say magically that the island had electricity. I’d have to bring S’s Xbox because I’m totally addicted to Burnout Revenge. But, if it didn’t have electricity, I’d probably bring Trivial Pursuit.
  2. What tools would you bring with you? Okay, well, since I’m now a master plumber having fixed the shower finally! I know all about tools. I would definitely bring a wood saw, a rubber mallet, a pry bar and a flat head screwdriver. That should do me for just about everything.
  3. Who would you bring with you? Assuming only one person, I’d take C. I can’t imagine spending my life without her.
  4. Name one grab bag item you would have with you. iPod. I’d savor each final electron of battery power.
  5. Name one thing you simply couldn’t live without on the island.Okay, barring the necessities (air, water, food), I’d have to say, a decent pillow. I can sleep just about any where under any conditions…as long as I have a decent pillow.

There you go…looking forward to your answers in the forum. Also, I’m thinking that wasn’t the best set of questions, so I’ll try to do better next week.

See you in the funny papers!

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