October 31, 2005

Have you ever been in that mood where you’re simultaneously okay with the world, but mildly depressed?

I ran the Fall Fest 5K this weekend. It was ice cold Saturday morning and there was no sun until about halfway through the race. I started out at a good steady pace, but I thought I might be running a little slow. Still, the first mile marker was 11:02. That was great, so I continued my pace, running to the second mile, finally seeing the sun. I thought maybe I had slowed a little based on the hills, but, I crossed the 2 mile at 21:58. I finished the whole 3.1 in 34:50 (unofficially) which is slightly off my pace for the first 2 miles, but not too bad. So, this morning, I checked the official race times and sure enough, there I was, with an official time of 34:35. Pretty good.

Now for the depressing part, I finished dead last in my age group. LAST! Every male between the ages of 30-34 who ran on Saturday morning, ran faster than I did.

But, I didn’t get into running to be the best, the fastest. I did get into running to lower my blood pressure (which I’ve done) and to lose a little weight (which I’ve done) and to look good doing it (Have you seen the pictures of me in my super suit?) So, I’m really okay with finishing 196 out of 281, because I finished. I ran the race in the 34 degree fog. I was determined to see myself complete something I set out to do…and I did. But, I still finished last in my age group.

Other news this weekend, congrats to K & TJ on their nuptials. I also worked a wedding with J, J and J…the three J-migos. I make a pretty good DJ if I say so myself. And S and I laid some serious smackdown on the ladies in “Hand & Foot“.

In TV news, why can’t all politics work like it does on West Wing? And why did Grey’s Anatomy have to be so sad?

And now, this has turned into one of those rambling posts that has no focus. Hence the rambling…and there I go again.

See you in the funny papers.

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