November 28, 2005

Okay, so raise your hand if you just did not stop eating all Thanksgiving weekend long. Because, that’s exactly what I did.

We had brunch on Thanksgiving morning with J and P, T and P. We went directly to my aunt’s house for lunch with my family. Leaving from there to go to C’s great aunt’s house for dinner. After leaving there, we went to B and L’s, but didn’t intend to eat…still we had some cheese and some dessert. That’s more food than I ate all last week.

Friday morning Aside: actually, more like afternoon by the time we got up we went to get some new eyeglasses for me. We stopped at Panera for lunch, then came home and worked on the house for the party that evening. We had pomegranate martinis and hors d’oeuvresAside: I spelled that without looking it upplus, I’m sure that I had a snack before the party.

Saturday morning, we had brunch again at Lynn’s Paradise Café before heading off to Gabrielle’s baptism. My godchild…yes, I am the Godfather. So, we went to Dr. T’s house for dinner afterwards. A magnificent meal and a wonderful afternoon. I stopped by the radio station to be with C during the R.E.E.L. Radio Hour show Aside: which sadly has no website and afterwards we picked up some Cracker Barrel for dinner.

Sunday provided a brief respite from all the food intake, but by the time church ended, I was starving. So I got home and had leftovers from Cracker Barrel. Later, after my second service of the day Aside: I can truly say I’m holier than thou I had C’s leftovers from her lunch at North End Cafe and that pretty much brings an end to the “Gastric Holiday”.

In other news, Pittsburg State lost in the quarterfinals of the Division II football championship. Louisville beat Syracuse for their final home game. We’re about a week away from finishing the semester. I also finished Me Talk Pretty One Day and I’m now working on the Narnia series before the movie comes out.

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November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! I realize it’s not until tomorrow, but that’s never stopped retail stores from hawking Christmas tree lights the day after Halloween. So, in the spirit of being thankful, I’ve jotted down a few things to be thankful for:
  • I’m thankful that you’re not a driver from Indiana who regularly drives in Louisville because you haven’t incurred my seething rage at your stupidity. Unless, you are a driver from Indiana, in which case, wait your turn, I’ll eventually get to you.
  • I’m thankful for banjo, mandolin, guitar and other instrument players everywhere for the amazing strains of bluegrass.
  • I’m thankful for living in a beautiful home even though it happens to be in the direct flight path for all planes in the northern hemisphere. I mean, seriously, how many planes does UPS fly in and out of Louisville at 4:45 a.m.? Aside: UPS owns 265 heavy jet aircraft and they were apparently testing them all the night before last over my house.
  • I’m thankful for every single second of George Lucas’s “Star Wars” trilogies Aside: because sextology sounded dirty even the parts with Jar Jar Binks.
  • I’m thankful for every single second of baseball season, because it regularly rips my heart out and mends it again within the course of 162 games.
  • I’m thankful for my wife who’s enduring love for Kermit the Frog and all the Peanuts’ holiday specials, even at the tender age of *MfmMGggh*, makes me happy.
  • I’m thankful for all my friends and family who regularly read this journal. We’ll call you the “silent partners”.
  • I’m thankful for the many moments in my life that are irreplaceable and the warmth in my heart for every memory.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, even if it’s with family that drives you absolutely frickin’ insane, because they’re still family.

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November 22, 2005

The semester winds down, Thanksgiving approaches and the cold of winter settles upon the nation. Still, I look fabulous in a sweater, so it’s all good.

The weekend in Slade was great. We had a wonderful time at “The Sanctuary” as it has been dubbed by L and D. It was also nice having Friday off. We got down to Slade around dinner time. We got settled in, attempted a fire, attempted a movie and then finally just went to bed. Sunlight streaming through the great expanse of glass woke us early for a wonderful day of reading, gaming and getting Coldplay tickets with what little cell phone signal was available. Sunday was a day of more games, movies Aside: see Movies page and cleaning up to come home.

Even before all that, we caught the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere in IMAX at the midnight showing. It was magnificent Aside: again, see Movies page and now I simply can’t wait for the next film. It’s also good to see that there are Harry Potter crazies that act just like Star Wars crazies with their dressing up and their cheering the title screen. It’s exciting…if not just a little goofy.

Also, got a chance to hear my favorite choral ensemble last night. I ushered a small concert for “displaced” persons from all walks of life and was treated to a wonderful evening of music. Aside: check out the Concerts page It was wonderful to see and talk to many good friends from the choir last night.

Currenty listening to: Rocket Queen by Guns ‘n’ Roses Aside: I know, totally bizarre for me, but I love that Appetite for Destruction album.

Hope to see many of you commenting in the forum. See you in the funny papers!

November 17, 2005

Mother of pearl! It’s freezing outside. If I catch that little Jack Frost punk, I’m giving him the beating of his little frozen life. So I guess that whole Indian Summer thing is a wash now. Now I’ve got to remember where I put my gloves last winter.I’ve been kind of dizzy all morning. I really hope it’s not the bird flu. GASP! Actually, it’s probably lack of sleep. At 3:15 this morning, there was someone laying on a car horn in our neighborhood. After 10 minutes of that single obnoxious tone, I called the police. Well, of course, you have to be transferred to Milton the nighttime office guy and by the time I actually finished the call, the horn had stopped. Then, as I was getting out of the shower this morning, I heard that stupid horn again. Some people have no respect for those of us who have to work for a living. I suppose it’s possible that I’m becoming crotchety.

Well, since I won’t be here tomorrow, I’m giving you the THURSDAY THREE!

  1. Did you follow NASA’s last space mission? Not really. I mean, I knew they were going up, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. The problem with NASA is there’s no destination. Going to the moon is something. Going to Mars Aside: even though I think our money could be better spent is something. But going to the space station, or to just orbit around is kind of boring.
  2. If you could launch a politician into space, and perhaps they wouldn’t make it back, who would it be? Okay, I’m gonna ignore the obvious answers to this question Aside: The Unholy Trinity: Bush, Cheney and Rove and go for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) who actually referenced Michael Crichton’s book, State of Fear, as proof that global warming was “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”. HELLOOOO! SCIENCE FICTIONYOU CRAZY CRACKER!
  3. If there really are aliens, what do you think they look like? My best guess is that they have some likeness to us, but maybe not. I’d like to believe that the cantina scene from Star Wars is a true representation of what really might be out there. I mean, that’s a pretty rough looking bunch. Especially that stim spice addicted Arcona that shows up at the very beginning. Aliens like that would be cool.

So there you have it…your Thursday Three…not likely to be a regular event, but still fun. I hope you all have a great weekend.

See you in the funny papers!

November 14, 2005

Determined not to let another week go by with but one journal entry, I’ve taken time out of my busy day to grace you with information.

I’m suddenly swamped with school work. I’ve got 2 more books to read before the end of the month. I have a paper due Tuesday and a paper due next Tuesday and a final paper due on December 2. I thought I had it all under control, but I’m starting to crumble. I have to focus. I know I can write the one for tomorrow with ease, so I’m not worried about it. The other paper is going to take some doing, so I’m probably going to spend quite a bit of time the next two evenings working on that. The final paper for December 2 is half-written, so I’m not terribly worried about it either. It’s really the reading that has got me. Plus, I’ve got a final in there somewhere and that one scares me the most. But we’ll see how it goes.

Still, with all that, I managed to have a decent weekend if you discount all the times I had to go to church. I had choir practice on Saturday morning, which made Saturday seem like Sunday. LITERALLY! Then Sunday came and I had church in the morning and then church again at night. The only thing that kept me sane was an afternoon with C…shopping, going to the movies Aside: see Movies page for more and just generally having a good time. We also got some stuff hung on the walls finally in our home. It’s now beginning to look like we live there.

Looks like we’re headed to Slade, KY for a little rest and relaxation next weekend. One of our other neighbors has a cabin in the woods there and S, B, C and I are going for a couple days of nothing but goofing off. It should be exciting.

Okay, so really, I need to be getting back to work. Talk to you soon, I hope.

See you in the funny papers!

November 11, 2005

Gadzooks! Friday already? Many of you may have noticed that the website has been up and down all week long. Earthlink was having some trouble with their servers, but it seems to be going again at the moment. We’ll see how long it lasts.I believe that winter may be upon us. I know, it’s supposed to be like mid 50s today, but I think November has finally arrived. That was one heck of an Indian Summer though.

I’d like to announce that school is going remarkably well. I got a 95% on my last paper in Human Society & Environment. He wrote that it was one of the best journalist papers that he’d seen. I would imagine that I’d have gotten 100% if I’d definitively chosen a side from the debate.

For the moment, I’ve decided against The Turn of the Screw and I’ve picked up Me Talk Pretty One Day. However, as I’m in the midst of Dust Bowl for class, it may be a while. Henry James is just very difficult to read. He writes like I talk when I’ve had too much Mountain Dew and M&M’s.


Had dinner with the in-laws last night to celebrate T’s birthday. It was very nice and everything turned out wonderfully. And J may be coming over tonight to watch the UofL/Rutgers game. J, bring Coke, because I don’t have anything but diet!


  1. What is your favorite noise to hear? I love to hear my wife really laugh. Not just a giggle mind you, a full-throttle laugh. Because then, I know that, at least for that moment in time, she’s very happy. And that’s why it’s my favorite.
  2. If you could live in any era of time, what would you choose and why? I would love to live in the early 40s, just before rock ‘n’ roll, right when big bands were hitting their stride. Of course, then I’d have to learn to dance, but I think I would really enjoy that part of history.
  3. You just found $50 while cleaning your house. Where do you decide to spend it? Hmm, not likely that I’m gonna find $50, but hey, it could happen I suppose. Anyway…I’d probably go out and get some running clothes, or maybe some CDs. Or maybe, we’d go out and drink mojitos all night.
  4. What magazines do you subscribe to/read on a regular basis? We getReal Simple, Domino, Vanity Fair, I think we’re still getting Harper’s, I think that’s it, but I’m not absolutely sure.
  5. If you could witness any event in history, but not change anything about it, what would you choose and why? I’d witness the devastating distinction of dinosaurs. It’d be nice to know exactly how it happened, rather than just guessing at the cause. Certainly a close second would be to watch the moon landing.

So there it is…your Friday Five. Feel free to answer in the forum. First person to answer wins a tin of Altoids. You can even choose the flavor.

See you in the funny papers!

November 4, 2005

Well, here we are again. Friday at last. Fortunately, it’s also a payday. Unfortunately, that money has gone the way of the dodo.

I meant to tell you, I finished I Know This Much Is True and I’m now on to The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories. It took me a while to get into it, but it seems to be turning into a sort of ghost story which is very exciting.

I sent off my Reacquaint Day letter this morning. I’ll let you know how that turns out, if at all. I still think it’s a good idea, but we’ll see what happens.

I have a trip to Madisonville next week for work. That’s always a fun trip Aside: he says with tongue firmly planted in his cheek. It’s a long miserable drive and I have to take the SPs with me, so I have to listen to their crappy banter for 2 hours. Then we get down there and we’re there less time than it takes to drive down there and then we drive home again. Still, this time we’re going to be down there for a few hours running cases, so it should be interesting. Possibly…probably not.

Okay, so I just know you’re dying to get to the FRIDAY FIVE, so here goes. First one to post answers in the forum gets a copy of the “Grey’s Anatomy” soundtrack.

  1. What is your favorite action movie? Well, this has to be Star Wars. I mean, that’s more than just totally obvious. It has flying and shooting and cool vehicles and great characters. And, ohmygawd, the lightsabers…have you seen the freakin’ lightsabers? So, I’m thinking definitely Star Wars.
  2. What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? I think the worst one was When A Man Loves A Woman. I think that movie lasted about 3 days. I was on a date at the time and there’s nothing like seeing a movie about alcohol addiction while you’re on a date. I’ve seen some others that were pretty bad, but that one is probably the worst.
  3. Do you prefer comedy or drama? If it’s good comedy, definitely the former. However, I’m not above Aside: or below as the case may be drama. I believe, however, that a really good drama will probably have comedy thrown in. It’s just the way life is. A good comedy, on the other hand, is non-stop laughter.
  4. Recommend a good tear jerker. Hmm, this is tough. I don’t really watch tear jerkers as a general rule. Big Fish was pretty good, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a tear jerker. Seriously, for me, baseball movies are pretty good tearjerkers. In that respect, I’d have to say The Rookie.
  5. What movie are you looking forward to seeing soon? Oh, so many…um,Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireThe Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeAeon Flux and…well, okay, so maybe not so many. I was thinking maybe Shopgirl, but it didn’t get such good reviews.

So there you go. That should fix you for the weekend. If not, go back and read some archives or something. Enjoy your Friday.

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