November 2, 2005

So, what’s up? Yeah, I know. I changed the format again. I just didn’t like the columns. I know that some of you will complain and some of you will be thrilled. Ah, who am I kidding…none of you will even notice, and you certainly won’t talk about it in the forum Aside: hint, nudge, wink, wink, say-no-more However, the big news is that I’m swamped with work and school, and occasionally I get some work done around the house. Although, my work around the house has severely slacked off since last week when I mowed the grass. Fortunately, I think we’re in that time period where you can kind of let things go. You don’t have to mow grass, and you can sort of wait on the leaves. But the inside of the house, I could really step it up in there. Laundry, sweeping, dishes…you know the routine.

In other news, I’ve designated November 3 as “Reacquaint Day“. The object is to find someone you haven’t talked to in at least a year and write them a letter, or call them on the telephone. The point of this exercise is human contact with the person. Everybody has somebody in their life that they don’t talk to anymore, or have lost touch with. Now is your chance. Why do I get to designate? Well…it’s my website and who died and made the mayor the only person who can designate days?! So, get to it…tomorrow is your chance to reacquaint yourself with a family friend, a friend from high school, that one dude who used to stare at you funny when you bought peanut butter at the supermarket…it can be anybody, but the point is human contact. Share your life with someone new all over again.

See you in the funny papers!

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