November 28, 2005

Okay, so raise your hand if you just did not stop eating all Thanksgiving weekend long. Because, that’s exactly what I did.

We had brunch on Thanksgiving morning with J and P, T and P. We went directly to my aunt’s house for lunch with my family. Leaving from there to go to C’s great aunt’s house for dinner. After leaving there, we went to B and L’s, but didn’t intend to eat…still we had some cheese and some dessert. That’s more food than I ate all last week.

Friday morning Aside: actually, more like afternoon by the time we got up we went to get some new eyeglasses for me. We stopped at Panera for lunch, then came home and worked on the house for the party that evening. We had pomegranate martinis and hors d’oeuvresAside: I spelled that without looking it upplus, I’m sure that I had a snack before the party.

Saturday morning, we had brunch again at Lynn’s Paradise Café before heading off to Gabrielle’s baptism. My godchild…yes, I am the Godfather. So, we went to Dr. T’s house for dinner afterwards. A magnificent meal and a wonderful afternoon. I stopped by the radio station to be with C during the R.E.E.L. Radio Hour show Aside: which sadly has no website and afterwards we picked up some Cracker Barrel for dinner.

Sunday provided a brief respite from all the food intake, but by the time church ended, I was starving. So I got home and had leftovers from Cracker Barrel. Later, after my second service of the day Aside: I can truly say I’m holier than thou I had C’s leftovers from her lunch at North End Cafe and that pretty much brings an end to the “Gastric Holiday”.

In other news, Pittsburg State lost in the quarterfinals of the Division II football championship. Louisville beat Syracuse for their final home game. We’re about a week away from finishing the semester. I also finished Me Talk Pretty One Day and I’m now working on the Narnia series before the movie comes out.

Currently listening to Lake Charles by Lucinda Williams

See you in the funny papers!

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