December 30, 2005

I’m sick and I can’t stand it. I have some bizarre disease like strep, but not strep. It’s sort of a bacterial infection which makes my throat hurt, but now I’m on antibiotics and hopefully this will go away soon. I’m not getting any sleep and I’m uber-cranky.

I thought I’d throw in one more post before the New Year. I’m planning to see Pride and Prejudice this evening. Also, check out the movie and books pages for the latest info. I don’t really have much more to say. I’ll see you in the New Year.

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December 22, 2005

So this is Christmas / And what have you done / Another year over / And a new one just begun ~John Lennon 

I don’t really have the mental stamina required to take a look back over the past year. There are so many things that I will forget and barely remember the details of that I’m sure to miss something. Still, it’s worth it to note a few highlights:

  • The end of the Star Wars saga, or at the very least, the completion of it. Sure, the books will continue and there are rumors of a live-action television show…but for those of us who have lived our entire lives under the fear of the Empire and the hope of the Rebellion, it’s a sad moment.
  • My goddaughter was born on July 2 to my very best friends. Gabrielle Raye is a beautiful bundle of joy and those of you who know me, know I don’t dote on infants all that often. I’m extremely honored to be her “Godfather” and I only hope I can be as influential as my godmother was to me.
  • I celebrated my continued marital bliss to my lovely wife. We’ve been married for 2 years, 4 months, 18 days and roughly 15 hours. I wouldn’t change a single second of that time together. She’s been a completion of my life that I never imagined would be possible and I appreciate our every moment.

I am among the fortunate. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday or whatever experience you wish to celebrate. I may be writing over the holidays, but I may not as well. Here’s to a wonderful new year in 2006. May you all get everything you wish for.

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December 9, 2005

Well, that wasn’t the BIGGEST nothing I’ve ever seen, but it came close. We did at least get some snow, but it certainly wasn’t the Armageddon that they were expecting. I even went to the grocery last night for some ingredients for dinner. It was fairly quiet. There was a shortage of parking spaces, but the lines weren’t very long. The milk aisle was full though.

But I’m more concerned about how much our Kroger sucks! It’s brand new, and yet, it doesn’t offer many things. Like fresh herbs…I know this is minor, but in the Highlands, you can get pretty much every fresh herb in most recipes. On 3rd Street however, you can get parsley or cilantro (Mexican parsley). So wooo…2 types of parsley. In addition, there’s no option to buy hormone-free chicken. You can buy Tyson’s or Perdue’s ROBO-CHICKENS, but you can’t get a breast or thigh without some mind-altering additive. Oh, the good old days when we didn’t know any better and just ate any old mercury-laden animal because that’s the way it was. Now I’ve got to worry about chemicals in my coq au vin. Plus, what’s with the “freshness seal” on some of these packages. I needed a blowtorch and pliers to get into the ricotta cheese last night.

Yes, I cook. I cook good too. Those of you who’ve not had a dinner made by me are seriously missing out. Wanna schedule one? Email me. Last night we had Ricotta Pasta with Peas and Grape Tomatoes. I’m sure Carrie wouldn’t mind sharing my cooking skills for a night or two occasionally.

Okay, so on with the Friday Five

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Well, I think my parents were afraid that I would be a garbage man. I used to stand at the window on Saturdays and watch them empty the trash. (Give me a break, there were commercials during cartoons!) It was fun to watch the masher “eat” the trash. I never really had a long range goal…a shortcoming of mine I suppose.
  2. Did you follow through? If not, what happened? Well, I’m not a garbage man. I think I realized early on that I wasn’t the sanitation engineering type. There’s all sorts of weather to deal with…then there’s the actual smell of garbage. I don’t even like taking out my own garbage, much less the city’s.
  3. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid? If not, is it better or worse? I think it’s slowly coming around to that. I really figured that I would be married sooner. Which means, I thought I’d probably have kids sooner. Except for those years when I didn’t really want to have kids and didn’t want to get married, or didn’t think I’d find anyone to marry. Et Cetera! My life is turning out better than I had hoped. Most definitely better.
  4. Paradoxes aside, if you could time-travel back to when you were 10 years old, what would you tell your 10-year-old self? Listen to your parents. Work hard in school. Finish college. Don’t waste your money on baseball cards…buy the Star Wars “Power of the Force” figures and leave them in the package. And about a thousand other things.
  5. Do you think the child you were, would like the adult you’ve become?Oh, I hope so. I hope I’m still interesting to 10-year-olds. I hope that I haven’t become a fuddy-duddy. I hope I can still be the child I once was even as I approach 31 years. Aside: My birthday is the 16th. Hope you got me something good. I hope I’ll always be able to be the child-like adult who is wise and understanding.

In other news…watch this space for alarming developments. You heard it here first!

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December 19, 2005

Another year older…eh, no big deal. Thirty one is so not a thing.

However, I did have a wonderful birthday. On Friday evening, we and the neighbors went out to Maido Essential Japanese for dinner. Mmmm, delicious! It’s a Japanese restaurant on Frankfort and I can highly recommend the Osaka Blue for dinner. It is slowly cooked tuna that was divine. Plus, you can’t have better neighbors than we do. I’ve decided that they’re worthy of a capital N. Henceforth in this journal to be known as the Neighbors. Afterwards, we went to see King Kong. You have to see this movie…see Movies page for more on why.

Saturday, I got new glasses. I look dashing. Seriously, I’m gorgeous in these new frames. I’m still getting used to them though as the lenses are much smaller and there’s a lot of space outside the vision field that is blurry. Later, John brought my goddaughter AND White Castles over with him to watch the game. Sadly, our team lost, but it wasn’t like we didn’t see it coming. My favorite though is when the crowd chants “overrated”, because that just means that the team you’re playing isn’t as good as advertised, which also means your win is not as valuable as an upset. Still, it stings a little to lose the in-state rivalry. But, all was not lost, as we headed to Palermo Viejo for dinner with the two families. I cannot recommend Palermo enough. Everything is perfect…the food, the ambience…it’s all amazing. I also received just about everything on my Christmas/Birthday Wish List and I was able to share my birthday with my family.

Sunday was a little less exciting. I decided to not deal with kids other than the 3 year olds who are cute. I hate 2nd graders. But, to make up for it, Carrie and I went to Fazoli’s for lunch and then helped sort toys at the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree. It was non-stop walking, piling, picking up and sorting for two and a half hours. The Angel Tree serves 17,001 children in this area. We moved a half of a fraction of that in 2.5 hours. It felt good. We spent the rest of the evening at the in-laws discussing holiday plans.

Holidays are stressful for many people. After you get married and move out, you find that old traditions are hard to maintain and you spend the little free time you do have trying to make sure that everyone has a special place in your heart. Mostly you just become exhausted from the travel and overload of food. Still, it’s important to have traditions, even if they’re not the same as the old ones. And, you should definitely be thankful for the time that you do spend with the people you love because not everyone has that option at the holidays. Many wise people have said, you can’t please all the people all of the time. I’d settle for being able to be happy and enjoying the moments that I’m blessed with during this season, which, for lack of a calendar, could be celebrated at any time of the year.

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December 16, 2005

Yep, it’s my birthday. One of many it seems, not only for me, but for this month. 3 birthdays listed on the updates calendar.So far it’s been pretty good. My wife got up early to wish me happy birthday, the cat ignored me like he usually does and I got the garbage out before it was supposed to be picked up. Aside: Hmm, maybe there’s something to that garbage man thing I’m pretty much in complete control of the office/clinic today. I’m hoping that this evening will present an opportunity to go see King Kong and the plans for the weekend include a dinner at Palermo to celebrate mine and my dad’s birthday. Also, looking forward to the UofL/UK game on Saturday and J comes in this weekend as well.


J. is having a pottery sale on Saturday. Email me for details.


Lest I forget, the Friday Five…something to take your mind off the cold weather.

  1. Have any exciting summer plans? Not yet, but we usually go to the beach for our anniversary. Mmm…the beach.
  2. What’s the best summer vacation you’ve ever taken? Well, it depends. I went to Pine Mountain with my folks when I was little, and aside from the snake incident, that was a great trip. I think I would enjoy it even more now though. I’ve always enjoyed summer vacations with C and I remember a sort of road trip I took one summer to see my friend Melisa get married and then I sort of toured the midwest. But, I guess the summer I went to Boston to see the Red Sox play at Fenway was a really good one, even though I was away from C.
  3. Would we be more likely to see you lounging by a pool or out water skiing? Definitely lounging. I’m not really all that active. I prefer floating in the water with a cold beer, but I’m not above a trip around the lake on a SeaDoo or a tube.
  4. Will you be putting on a swimsuit this season? Most assuredly. I think I’m pretty much part fish when it comes to the water. I can stay in the water for hours. This usually requires a swimsuit. Aside: pictures of you in a swimsuit can be posted in the forum.
  5. If you could take a summer vacation anywhere, for 3 weeks, where would you go, and why? Oh, I’d definitely go to Tanzania. 3 weeks would be about the perfect time to spend there. I could climb Kilimanjaro for a week and then spend the rest of the time visiting the Gombe preserve the Jane Goodall set up. I think that would definitely be worth it. If I had to have an alternate destination, I think I would choose New Zealand. That would be nice.

So there you have it. My birthday post with all the trimmings. Feel free to post your answers in the forum. First person to do so, wins 2 packets of lemon juice and a 1952 penny.

Currently listening to C.O.N.S. by The Loft from Soulful Southeast Exhibit. A gift for my birthday last year.

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December 15, 2005

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! His birthday was yesterday, but you know how it is. I did at least phone him and sing to the answering machine.

Secondly, today is the no man’s land between my father’s birthday and my own. It’s like a void in the calendar. Une fleur entré deux abîmes. Which is not really true. It’s more like an abyss between two flowers, but I knew the other phrase in French from playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and that’s how some of the editorial notes described the second movement. Weird how I remember crap like that.

I ripped the following directly from my friend MsHellion’s blog, and I’m not ashamed because I needed something to write about today.

-3 names I go by:

-3 screen names I have (or had):

-3 physical things I like about myself:
I have great leg muscles.
My hair looks nice.
I have great eyes and long eyelashes to go with them.

-3 physical things I dislike about myself:
I think my nose is too big.
I cannot run a 6-minute mile.
I cannot burp.

-3 parts of my heritage:
Kentucky (can’t deny it)

That’s probably about it…I’m pretty much Mayflower material.

-3 of my everyday essentials:
Google News
Decent music
A kiss from my wife

-3 of my favorite musicians:
Harry Connick, Jr.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Chris Thile

-3 of my favorite songs:
Laudate Dominum – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Dirty Water – The Standells (also the version by Dropkick Murphys)
Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

-3 things that scare me:
Fundamentalist religions

-3 things I want in a relationship:

-3 lies I tell:
“I’m fine.”
“Oh, he/she is adorable.”
“I’ll be right there.”

-3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:
Great smile.
Curvy ass.
Intelligent wit.

-3 of my hobbies:
Collecting Star Wars toys. (although, I’m woefully behind on this.)
Collecting coins (not nearly as far behind as I used to be.)
Poetry (yes, Mom, I’m still working on your poems.)

-3 things I really want to do right now with a special someone:
Travel to France.
Spend the day in bed watching our favorite movies.

-3 careers I’ve considered:
Garbage man. (see 12/9/05 entry)
Engineering. (yeah, that didn’t go so well)
Geographer. (we’ll see how this one pans out)

-3 places I’d like to go on vacation:
New Zealand.

-3 kids names I like:
Luke Edward
Jacob Lawrence
Elizabeth Gail

-3 things I’d like to do before I die:
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
Run the Boston Marathon.
Have my poetry published in a book.

-3 ways I’m a stereotypical guy:
I must watch a TV if it’s on.
I fart.
I tell dumb jokes and laugh at the same.

-3 ways I’m a stereotypical girl:
I probably spend too much time on my hair.
That’s about it really. I don’t follow any of the other stereotypes.

The rain continues. I may not be moving to the music school until January 6 due to some weird resource reasons, but TOMORROW is my birthday and I’m looking forward to it. Also, after talking to my buddy J. the other day, I realized that I’ve seen Batman Begins twice and it appears nowhere on my movie reviews. That has been rectified. And one more thing, please visit the forums. A. feels extremely lonely being the only one to answer anything in there. Give her someone to talk to so she’ll quit calling me.

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December 13, 2005

You might as well know since everybody else does. Well, maybe not everybody, but several people.I’ve accepted a job at the School of Music. I start on January 3. I have the utmost confidence that it will be a positive change, as the Dean of the School called me this morning to notify me that the gold fixtures for my personal lavatory were nearly in place and that they hoped to have the concierge services available by the the start of the year. I inquired about my valet services…but you know how parking is at UofL.

I’m quite certain that there will be an adjustment period, but I’m looking forward to a good new year. They seem to be anticipating my arrival and I’m definitely looking forward to being closer to home. And, it will be easier for me to attend classes. I’m gonna finish that degree…you just watch.


  • We need about 3 feet of snow. Today!
  • My birthday is in 3 days! What did you get me?
  • My friend James has a new website…check it out on the links page.
  • I watch a lot of movies. Check out the latest on the movies page.
  • You should be watching “The Boondocks” on the Cartoon Network.

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