December 16, 2005

Yep, it’s my birthday. One of many it seems, not only for me, but for this month. 3 birthdays listed on the updates calendar.So far it’s been pretty good. My wife got up early to wish me happy birthday, the cat ignored me like he usually does and I got the garbage out before it was supposed to be picked up. Aside: Hmm, maybe there’s something to that garbage man thing I’m pretty much in complete control of the office/clinic today. I’m hoping that this evening will present an opportunity to go see King Kong and the plans for the weekend include a dinner at Palermo to celebrate mine and my dad’s birthday. Also, looking forward to the UofL/UK game on Saturday and J comes in this weekend as well.


J. is having a pottery sale on Saturday. Email me for details.


Lest I forget, the Friday Five…something to take your mind off the cold weather.

  1. Have any exciting summer plans? Not yet, but we usually go to the beach for our anniversary. Mmm…the beach.
  2. What’s the best summer vacation you’ve ever taken? Well, it depends. I went to Pine Mountain with my folks when I was little, and aside from the snake incident, that was a great trip. I think I would enjoy it even more now though. I’ve always enjoyed summer vacations with C and I remember a sort of road trip I took one summer to see my friend Melisa get married and then I sort of toured the midwest. But, I guess the summer I went to Boston to see the Red Sox play at Fenway was a really good one, even though I was away from C.
  3. Would we be more likely to see you lounging by a pool or out water skiing? Definitely lounging. I’m not really all that active. I prefer floating in the water with a cold beer, but I’m not above a trip around the lake on a SeaDoo or a tube.
  4. Will you be putting on a swimsuit this season? Most assuredly. I think I’m pretty much part fish when it comes to the water. I can stay in the water for hours. This usually requires a swimsuit. Aside: pictures of you in a swimsuit can be posted in the forum.
  5. If you could take a summer vacation anywhere, for 3 weeks, where would you go, and why? Oh, I’d definitely go to Tanzania. 3 weeks would be about the perfect time to spend there. I could climb Kilimanjaro for a week and then spend the rest of the time visiting the Gombe preserve the Jane Goodall set up. I think that would definitely be worth it. If I had to have an alternate destination, I think I would choose New Zealand. That would be nice.

So there you have it. My birthday post with all the trimmings. Feel free to post your answers in the forum. First person to do so, wins 2 packets of lemon juice and a 1952 penny.

Currently listening to C.O.N.S. by The Loft from Soulful Southeast Exhibit. A gift for my birthday last year.

See you in the funny papers!

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