December 19, 2005

Another year older…eh, no big deal. Thirty one is so not a thing.

However, I did have a wonderful birthday. On Friday evening, we and the neighbors went out to Maido Essential Japanese for dinner. Mmmm, delicious! It’s a Japanese restaurant on Frankfort and I can highly recommend the Osaka Blue for dinner. It is slowly cooked tuna that was divine. Plus, you can’t have better neighbors than we do. I’ve decided that they’re worthy of a capital N. Henceforth in this journal to be known as the Neighbors. Afterwards, we went to see King Kong. You have to see this movie…see Movies page for more on why.

Saturday, I got new glasses. I look dashing. Seriously, I’m gorgeous in these new frames. I’m still getting used to them though as the lenses are much smaller and there’s a lot of space outside the vision field that is blurry. Later, John brought my goddaughter AND White Castles over with him to watch the game. Sadly, our team lost, but it wasn’t like we didn’t see it coming. My favorite though is when the crowd chants “overrated”, because that just means that the team you’re playing isn’t as good as advertised, which also means your win is not as valuable as an upset. Still, it stings a little to lose the in-state rivalry. But, all was not lost, as we headed to Palermo Viejo for dinner with the two families. I cannot recommend Palermo enough. Everything is perfect…the food, the ambience…it’s all amazing. I also received just about everything on my Christmas/Birthday Wish List and I was able to share my birthday with my family.

Sunday was a little less exciting. I decided to not deal with kids other than the 3 year olds who are cute. I hate 2nd graders. But, to make up for it, Carrie and I went to Fazoli’s for lunch and then helped sort toys at the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree. It was non-stop walking, piling, picking up and sorting for two and a half hours. The Angel Tree serves 17,001 children in this area. We moved a half of a fraction of that in 2.5 hours. It felt good. We spent the rest of the evening at the in-laws discussing holiday plans.

Holidays are stressful for many people. After you get married and move out, you find that old traditions are hard to maintain and you spend the little free time you do have trying to make sure that everyone has a special place in your heart. Mostly you just become exhausted from the travel and overload of food. Still, it’s important to have traditions, even if they’re not the same as the old ones. And, you should definitely be thankful for the time that you do spend with the people you love because not everyone has that option at the holidays. Many wise people have said, you can’t please all the people all of the time. I’d settle for being able to be happy and enjoying the moments that I’m blessed with during this season, which, for lack of a calendar, could be celebrated at any time of the year.

Currently listening to I Met A Girl by Wheat from Per Second, Per Second, Per Second…Every Second.

See you in the funny papers!

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