December 9, 2005

Well, that wasn’t the BIGGEST nothing I’ve ever seen, but it came close. We did at least get some snow, but it certainly wasn’t the Armageddon that they were expecting. I even went to the grocery last night for some ingredients for dinner. It was fairly quiet. There was a shortage of parking spaces, but the lines weren’t very long. The milk aisle was full though.

But I’m more concerned about how much our Kroger sucks! It’s brand new, and yet, it doesn’t offer many things. Like fresh herbs…I know this is minor, but in the Highlands, you can get pretty much every fresh herb in most recipes. On 3rd Street however, you can get parsley or cilantro (Mexican parsley). So wooo…2 types of parsley. In addition, there’s no option to buy hormone-free chicken. You can buy Tyson’s or Perdue’s ROBO-CHICKENS, but you can’t get a breast or thigh without some mind-altering additive. Oh, the good old days when we didn’t know any better and just ate any old mercury-laden animal because that’s the way it was. Now I’ve got to worry about chemicals in my coq au vin. Plus, what’s with the “freshness seal” on some of these packages. I needed a blowtorch and pliers to get into the ricotta cheese last night.

Yes, I cook. I cook good too. Those of you who’ve not had a dinner made by me are seriously missing out. Wanna schedule one? Email me. Last night we had Ricotta Pasta with Peas and Grape Tomatoes. I’m sure Carrie wouldn’t mind sharing my cooking skills for a night or two occasionally.

Okay, so on with the Friday Five

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Well, I think my parents were afraid that I would be a garbage man. I used to stand at the window on Saturdays and watch them empty the trash. (Give me a break, there were commercials during cartoons!) It was fun to watch the masher “eat” the trash. I never really had a long range goal…a shortcoming of mine I suppose.
  2. Did you follow through? If not, what happened? Well, I’m not a garbage man. I think I realized early on that I wasn’t the sanitation engineering type. There’s all sorts of weather to deal with…then there’s the actual smell of garbage. I don’t even like taking out my own garbage, much less the city’s.
  3. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid? If not, is it better or worse? I think it’s slowly coming around to that. I really figured that I would be married sooner. Which means, I thought I’d probably have kids sooner. Except for those years when I didn’t really want to have kids and didn’t want to get married, or didn’t think I’d find anyone to marry. Et Cetera! My life is turning out better than I had hoped. Most definitely better.
  4. Paradoxes aside, if you could time-travel back to when you were 10 years old, what would you tell your 10-year-old self? Listen to your parents. Work hard in school. Finish college. Don’t waste your money on baseball cards…buy the Star Wars “Power of the Force” figures and leave them in the package. And about a thousand other things.
  5. Do you think the child you were, would like the adult you’ve become?Oh, I hope so. I hope I’m still interesting to 10-year-olds. I hope that I haven’t become a fuddy-duddy. I hope I can still be the child I once was even as I approach 31 years. Aside: My birthday is the 16th. Hope you got me something good. I hope I’ll always be able to be the child-like adult who is wise and understanding.

In other news…watch this space for alarming developments. You heard it here first!

Currently listening to Dirty Water by Dropkick Murphys from Live on St. Patrick’s Day.

See you in the funny papers!

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