January 30, 2006

I never know what the weather is going to be like, because I don’t watch the news. Unfortunately, this makes for an interesting day on campus. I could be wearing a sweater…and it will be 80 degrees and sunny. Or, I could be wearing a shirt and tie with no jacket…and it will be snowing. I could watch the weather, but I suppose I like the adventure.

I had a decent weekend. Friday night was a great evening out with John at Hooter’s (although my stomach I think is still paying for it) and how I beat John at pool at Oliver’s. *laughing* Read about the Ira Glass event on the “Events” page. Had a decent run on Saturday, but I’m still slower than I want to be. Worked twice on Sunday and celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday (which isn’t until Thursday actually, but everyone deserves a good week of birthday celebration).

It’s time for another episode of GOOD MUSIC/BAD MUSIC:

GOOD MUSIC: This Song’s For You by El Michels Affair
BAD MUSIC: The Drinks We Drank Last Night by Azure Ray

Look for this as a regular feature on the website. That is if anyone is still out there reading. I can always count on Jilli, Angie, Patti, John and, I believe, Donna and my parents as regular readers. If there’s anyone else out there…sound off.

That’s about it really. See you in the funny papers!

January 27, 2006

Most everything is good with the world at the moment. We still miss our cat, but school is progressing nicely. If I ever figure out how to put up some of the maps that I’ve made, I’ll post those. They’re, of course, gorgeous. Work is moving forward, so much so that I’m now making lists instead of being able to just do everything that comes across my desk at once. My training went a little better last night with a 3 mile time of 34:05. Biking to work is cold, but good for the muscles, the bank account, and the soul. Finally, spring training starts in exactly 23 days. There’s really not much left to say, sowe’ll get right to theFriday Five
  1. What is your preferred trusted news source? I’ve always found theBBC to be particularly trustworthy. At least, the parts of it that I’ve heard. I hear it occasionally on NPR which is also fairly trustworthy.
  2. What is a news source that you will never trust? I have to say that Fox News is particularly disgusting in their partisanship. It’s hardly fair and balanced. And, yes, I’ve watched and am not merely reciting the mantra of critical wonks. CNN also seems to be headed in that particular direction.
  3. What is the news topic during the last calendar year that you feel got the worst coverage? It’s tempting to say the war in Iraq, because we simply don’t know what is going on over there. I think people feel like they know what’s going on, but I think we’re simply being spoon-fed the information our government wants us to hear. However, the absolute worst coverage was of Karl Rove and the leak case. Where did he go? Before this incident, it was ‘Karl Rove said this’ and ‘Karl Rove did that’, but after Valerie Plame…nothing. It’s like he’s hiding in the secret bunker with Cheney. I demand to know where Karl Rove is and why he hasn’t been fired.
  4. What news item do you feel got too much coverage in the last calendar year? This one is nearly impossible to choose, so here’s a list:
          • Brad and Jennifer and Angelina
          • Nick and Jessica
          • Britney and Kevin
          • Tom and Katie
          • Paris and Nicole
          • Oprah and “A Million Little Pieces”

    That said, I also feel like my beloved Red Sox got a little too much press with the Epstein/Lucchino thing, but they’re my Red Sox, so I enjoyed it a little too. All in all, I think we’re a little too wrapped up in celebrity.

  5. If you had complete control of your favored news source(s) (answer to question 1), what would you do with it that is not already being done? I think I would form a bureau of television for NPR. I know, I know…it’s National Public RADIO, but if we could get that sort of reporting on television, maybe the news wouldn’t be so boring. And, maybe we would get less shows about celebrity breakups and hookups and crackups.

And that’s it in a nutshell. I’ve got nothing more to say, which is good because I’ve got to get back to work now. I have a list that needs checking off.

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See you in the funny papers!

January 25, 2006

So training for the “mini” is not going as well as planned. I’m training every day, but it’s hurting my body. Fortunately, today is a rest day. But just to give you an idea of how things are progressing:

1/16 3 miles 34:30
1/17 2 miles 19:10
1/19 4 miles 52:53
1/23 4 miles 47:32
1/24 4 miles 49:13

So, if you can do math, you can see how things are progressing. If you can’t do math, they’re progressing slowly. Very slowly. Now I’m not expecting to be able to do 6-minute miles, but is an 11-minute mile too much to ask for?

Speaking of bad at math, my remote sensing class is mostly math at this point. I really should have learned how to do conversions in sophomore chemistry. That way, I could figure the dwell time on a cross-track scanner without taking off my shoes and calling NASA. And, I realize that a lot of you just read that sentence and are looking vainly for words that resemble the English language. But, that’s what my chosen career path calls for.

In my spare time Aside: Ha, spare time, that’s a good one! I have the chance to read and listen to music. So much so that I’m prepared to offer you a short list of songs you should/shouldn’t be listening to and to let you know I’ve finished my most recent book “Defining the Wind” by Scott Huler. Check out the books page for my current reading exploits.


Here’s the list I recommend:

  • Wishful Thinking by The Ditty Bops
  • Mushaboom by Feist
  • Still Fighting It by Ben Folds
  • Paper Moon by The Frank and Joe Show

And, of course, the list you can safely pass over at the CD store:

  • Gideon by My Morning Jacket
  • Mama Soul by Harold Alexander

I think that’s about it for the moment. Still biking to work, even though the temp this morning registered at a face-numbing 30 degrees. That provided for a windchill of about 18 degrees as I rode downhill into the wind. And they said I was crazy. *laughing*

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January 23, 2006

This is sad, so if it’s not your morning to be sad, don’t read this.

Our beautiful boy Gilligan was put to sleep on Saturday. Over the course of two weeks, his upper respiratory condition became pneumonia probably due to lung cancer. The decision was not made lightly nor has it made the past days easier.

Many of you remember him as “the Great White Cat”. I’ll always remember the first time I saw him, trying to squeeze his size 15 body into a size 6 shoebox. He was cantakerous to the point of misanthrope, but he loved us as we loved him; larger than life. It will be many weeks before we stop listening for the creak of the floor as he moved from room to room. The emptiness of the spaces where his litterbox and his food will be vast and haunting. And his stare on the mornings where I got up later than usual to feed him will be missed.

The house was darker this morning. Physically, I know it’s because the sun was not out, but I also believe that inside another light was just missing. We love you kitty-cat and we hope that you can forgive us for doing what we thought was right..

Gilligan “Kitty” “Rufus”

January 18, 2006

This morning, I became a true runner. Now, there are two ways you can go with this. I can tell you that I got up at 5:45 a.m., got dressed and went out into the early morning snow with icy sidewalks and proceeded to run 2 miles Aside: at roughly 6 miles per hour and your reaction might be:
  • Wow! That’s dedicated. Good for you!
  • Wow! You’re fucking crazy. You need a brain scan.

Either way…I’d say you’re probably right. But, there was definitely something that I enjoyed this morning. The snow had blanketed my neighborhood in silence and the roads came alive under my feet as I pounded around the block. As it was my second day for training for the Louisville Triple Crown of Running, I needed to do it for myself. Plus, I think this is my year for the mini-Marathon. So occasionally, I’ll post updates about my training.

The new job is going well. I enjoy the folks I’m working with. We had a staff meeting yesterday, and I still hate meetings, but the job is going great.

I also became strictly a baseball fan yesterday. I turned my back on the Cardinal basketball team with 7 minutes left in last night’s debacle against the St. John’s Red Storm. I simply turned off the television and went to read. Only 30 days til pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Four days later full squads report. COME ON SPRING!


  • It takes me just as long to drive to work as it does to ride my bike when you figure in stoplights, traffic and university parking.
  • I think I might finally be over whatever allergy I have had for a month.
  • I have no use for the Scotch tape dispenser on my desk.
  • I have 7 keys for my job and I have to try them all before I get the right one for my door.
  • Giving blood gives me a sense of purpose for humanity.

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January 17, 2006

Cycling in the pouring rain can make a person rethink his dedication to this new lifestyle.  Still, I’m going to see it through.  However, if you clean out the spare change in your car and your sofa, I could really use it to buy some rain gear to ride to work in.  

That said, I’m really enjoying the new job.  I’m learning new things and it keeps me just busy enough with school and my other singing job.  I think it will be a while before the cynicism sets in at this particular office.  The professionalism at this new place is top notch and every one has been very excited to have me here.  

I know I haven’t been very good at posting lately, but I’ve been trying to get everything set so that I can work on it.  I’m still installing software and stuff, plus I’m trying to keep my desk clean as well.  So far, so good.  Hopefully, we’ll get back to posting regularly very soon.

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See you in the funny papers!

January 6, 2006

First full day in the can. Yep, I’ve officially started my new job. I think I’m gonna like it. I mean, I haven’t really done anything yet and really all I’ve done is set up my computer and learn where the breakroom refrigerator is…but still, I think it’s gonna be pretty good.But, for the moment, I’m probably gonna be updating from home. I’ve got a learning curve at work and I think the website will be a slight distraction. I mean, I know it’s a distraction for you…that’s why I put it out there. But, I can’t have it bringing down my productivity. Productivity is good for me…bad for my website. Your slacker-asses are good for my website.

Don’t think this means big changes though. You’ll still get the Friday Five

  1. Take a book you’ve read. Now take the main character. Put them in a band. What would the band’s name be? The Orphans.
  2. What instrument would that character play? Well, there are three of them…Violet would play the cello, Klaus would play the clarinet and Sunny would play the vibes.
  3. Who else would be in that band? Lemony Snicket would play the bongos and the lute.
  4. Would they stay underground or get popular? Well, they would have a cult following, but they would always be underground. Anyone who has read A Series of Unfortunate Events knows that this band will always be underground.
  5. Why did you choose that book? I was interested in the concept of a “children’s book” that didn’t have a happy ending. So far, I’m on Book 12 in the series and while it’s a little redundant at times, it’s still a very good concept.

So there you go. Friday Five, even though it’s almost Saturday. And the job is going well. Very well…for the first day. We’ll know more by the next Friday Five.

See you in the funny papers!

January 5, 2006

2006 can you believe it? I mean seriously, did anyone think the world would last this long under the Bush administration?

I can’t believe I’ve let 5 days of the new year go by without some resolutions around this joint. I mean, that’s the whole point of January right? Resolutions? So what have I been doing? Well, there was New Year’s Day dinner at Mom and Dad’s which was stunning as usual. I had 3 plates…I swear to God it’s my favorite meal of the year. Then of course was the Gator Bowl on the 2nd, which turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Marcus Vick is a punk! These last 3 days, I’ve just been sitting around watching West Wing until my eyes bleed. I’m telling you…if you’re not watching this show, you’re seriously missing out.

However, since this is truly my last day of vacation, I thought I’d better get hoppin’ and start the new year on the dear old Conspiracy of Happiness.


  • I resolve to read more and spend less time watching television.
  • I resolve to spend less money on frivolous things.
  • I resolve to run the Triple Crown and the mini-Marathon.
  • I resolve to lose 10 pounds.

There…I’m done. I plan on doing all of those things. The only one I’m concerned about not completing is the 10 pound thing, but I figure if I actually run the races, that probably won’t be a problem. Plus, you’re probably thinking that 3 days of West Wing breaks the first one. Au contraire, mon frere! I’ve finished 2 books in the last 5 days, so bite me!

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