January 6, 2006

First full day in the can. Yep, I’ve officially started my new job. I think I’m gonna like it. I mean, I haven’t really done anything yet and really all I’ve done is set up my computer and learn where the breakroom refrigerator is…but still, I think it’s gonna be pretty good.But, for the moment, I’m probably gonna be updating from home. I’ve got a learning curve at work and I think the website will be a slight distraction. I mean, I know it’s a distraction for you…that’s why I put it out there. But, I can’t have it bringing down my productivity. Productivity is good for me…bad for my website. Your slacker-asses are good for my website.

Don’t think this means big changes though. You’ll still get the Friday Five

  1. Take a book you’ve read. Now take the main character. Put them in a band. What would the band’s name be? The Orphans.
  2. What instrument would that character play? Well, there are three of them…Violet would play the cello, Klaus would play the clarinet and Sunny would play the vibes.
  3. Who else would be in that band? Lemony Snicket would play the bongos and the lute.
  4. Would they stay underground or get popular? Well, they would have a cult following, but they would always be underground. Anyone who has read A Series of Unfortunate Events knows that this band will always be underground.
  5. Why did you choose that book? I was interested in the concept of a “children’s book” that didn’t have a happy ending. So far, I’m on Book 12 in the series and while it’s a little redundant at times, it’s still a very good concept.

So there you go. Friday Five, even though it’s almost Saturday. And the job is going well. Very well…for the first day. We’ll know more by the next Friday Five.

See you in the funny papers!

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