January 25, 2006

So training for the “mini” is not going as well as planned. I’m training every day, but it’s hurting my body. Fortunately, today is a rest day. But just to give you an idea of how things are progressing:

1/16 3 miles 34:30
1/17 2 miles 19:10
1/19 4 miles 52:53
1/23 4 miles 47:32
1/24 4 miles 49:13

So, if you can do math, you can see how things are progressing. If you can’t do math, they’re progressing slowly. Very slowly. Now I’m not expecting to be able to do 6-minute miles, but is an 11-minute mile too much to ask for?

Speaking of bad at math, my remote sensing class is mostly math at this point. I really should have learned how to do conversions in sophomore chemistry. That way, I could figure the dwell time on a cross-track scanner without taking off my shoes and calling NASA. And, I realize that a lot of you just read that sentence and are looking vainly for words that resemble the English language. But, that’s what my chosen career path calls for.

In my spare time Aside: Ha, spare time, that’s a good one! I have the chance to read and listen to music. So much so that I’m prepared to offer you a short list of songs you should/shouldn’t be listening to and to let you know I’ve finished my most recent book “Defining the Wind” by Scott Huler. Check out the books page for my current reading exploits.


Here’s the list I recommend:

  • Wishful Thinking by The Ditty Bops
  • Mushaboom by Feist
  • Still Fighting It by Ben Folds
  • Paper Moon by The Frank and Joe Show

And, of course, the list you can safely pass over at the CD store:

  • Gideon by My Morning Jacket
  • Mama Soul by Harold Alexander

I think that’s about it for the moment. Still biking to work, even though the temp this morning registered at a face-numbing 30 degrees. That provided for a windchill of about 18 degrees as I rode downhill into the wind. And they said I was crazy. *laughing*

Currently listening to Fingers by Gabor Szabo from High Contrast via WERS

See you in the funny papers!

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