February 2, 2006

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA! and a Happy Groundhog Day to you as well.

Let me say that the bike riding to work is going extremely well. It’s 2.5 miles a day roundtrip which expends around 55-60 calories and I haven’t filled up a gas tank since January 6. Plus, if it’s as cloudy in Punxsutawney as it is here today, we’re looking at 6 more weeks of great weather like it is today. But seriously, I don’t believe in all that crap. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress and she will whip down with some bitter Canadian lash of ice just to toy with me…so I’ll take the weather while I can.


  • Baseball season cannot come soon enough
  • The orange Scotchlite ankle straps I wear when I ride my bike drive the women wild
  • As a society, we should simply switch to drinking tea; green, black, red or white
  • Airlines have screwed themselves with their pricing structures


Good Music: Hard Hand To Hold by Willy Mason

Bad Music: Roll ‘Em Pete by Count Basie & Joe Williams

Currently listening to: Nightlight by Angela Correa (courtesy of WERS)

If you haven’t already, you should check out the books page. It now has a ratings system which may help you with your own reading lists if you desire. I’m off to find something to get into.

See you in the funny papers!

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