February 6, 2006

I didn’t see a single second of Super Bowl coverage last night. And somehow, my life is not any less full for having made that choice. I found some time to myself. I got some laundry done, listened to a new CD that I hadn’t heard yet. I reread an old letter and read a magazine that had been gathering dust. I even cleaned up the back bedroom which had needed doing for some time. At the moment, I don’t know who won or what the best commercial was. I’m sure I’ll get that information later, but there’s something about having your own experiences undictated by national television. Now, I’m not condemning those of you who did watch it. I’m quite certain that you had a wonderful time drinking your beer and soda, inhaling your pretzels and cheese dip. I’m sure that you hung out with friends and family, enjoying every single moment. It’s just nice to remember that there are different moments to be had for every single day, and I chose mine and loved every minute of it. 

Now, I mentioned an old letter…do you remember back in November when I declared “Reacquaint Day”? It was an opportunity to reconnect with someone who you had not heard from in a while. Well, I sent my letter off and, lo and behold, I got a response. 

Mark is a varsity girls basketball coach, a bank president, a farmer and a devoted father. His faith is unswerving and his desire to share to faith is unequalled by nearly everyone I’ve ever met. His four children (all of whom I know personally) are doing amazing things. His oldest is teaching at a local high school, the second oldest is a bank loan officer, the third is finishing a third year in college and looking toward missionary work and the youngest is a fine trumpet player in high school. It was wonderful to hear from him and I can’t wait for November to roll around again so that I can reconnect with another person from my past. 

Had dinner at Primo on Saturday night after the Choreographer’s Showcase (see Events page) and it was delicious. I can heartily recommend the “Baby Barb” wine and the “Genoa” pizza…but I’d skip the caramel gelato. Sunday, I ran 5 miles in the sub freezing wind. Why do I do these things? I really have no good answer for that. Other than, I had spent most of the morning and afternoon on Saturday measuring trees in the blizzard for a geography project…which really only left Sunday for a run. Still, it’s good for me. It builds character. 

GOOD MUSIC/bad music

GOOD MUSIC: Do It Again by Nada Surf
bad music: Golden by My Morning Jacket
Currently listening to: The Closer I Get To You by Roberta Flack

See you in the funny papers!

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