February 22, 2006

I got to sleep in today which was great. Bryan was in town and we celebrated some good news for him with a Guinness and then later we went out toCumberland Brews and tried their Dirty Hösen while we made fun of the figure skaters. I can highly recommend the Dirty Hösen. It’s very sweet, mead-like, and rich. It has a Blue Moon texture, but it’s like an amaretto brew. So two pints of that and the earlier Guinness left me with a slight headache this morning. So, I blew off my run, but I’ll make it up on Friday maybe.So, anyway, I’ve got some things I need to spout off about. We’re gonna do some quick bullet points:
  • Last night, I hit rewind on a commercial about the Rent DVD and fast forwarded through a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Something might be wrong with me.
  • Barry Bonds retirement: Good! Great, even! His attitude is just what baseball doesn’t need. Who knows how many of his homeruns are tainted and it’s THE MEDIA?! that has caused all his problems? Please, the guy should’ve quit last year when his knee gave up on him.
  • WBC or World Baseball ClassicOk, speaking of things that baseball doesn’t need. I’m all for more baseball during the year, but this thing is going to be simply farcical. The South African team is not fielding a player who’s been out of Double-A ball. How are other teams supposed to compete with the United States? It’s ridiculous. I hope the Cubans or the Dominicans win.
  • Cheney: Okay, he shot a guy. First sitting VP to shoot someone since Aaron Burr. Does this mean we’re gonna put Harry Whittington’s face on the $10 bill? No…it was an accident let’s move on. Let’s focus on the major problems with this administration and not a hunting accident.
  • Arrogant Olympians: Lindsay Jacobellis, Bode Miller, Apolo Ohno…I’m kind of glad you didn’t win. Showboating and miscreant behavior is just the sort of thing the rest of the world hates us for. The Olympics is supposed to be about good attitude and sportsmanship. Braggadocio will only take you so far.
  • South Dakota Abortions: Do people live in South Dakota? I guess they do, but seriously…are we gonna have to debate Roe v. Wade for the next 30 years as well? Abortion should be legal. I know the theory that the baby is alive at conception and “partial-birth” abortion is simply a term that conservatives throw around to scare people, but more often than not, abortion is not detrimental to society.
  • Museum Plaza: I think it’s ugly, but I don’t have a lot of taste when it comes to modern architecture. I know what I like and I don’t like that. I’m not saying don’t build it…I think it would be great to have something of that magnitude on the river, just don’t design it like that. Louisville is not New York or Chicago. We’re Louisville.
  • Smoking BanBan means to prohibit the use of. If we’re going to “ban” smoking, then we should do it. Not just for restaurants with 13% of their gross domestic product in banana sales or for stand alone buildings made from a conglomerate of brick and vinyl siding with a senior-citizen patronage and an exterior ventilation system for each table. No smoking…means no smoking. You want to smoke? Do it in your car or in your home.
  • Ford and STAR: The UAW is “threatening” that Ford might leave Louisville if we want cleaner air? Well…GO! No, I don’t know what it does to our economy and Yes, I know several people who would be affected by Ford leaving town. But, I consider our air much more important than some “arm-twisting” by the UAW. I think maybe they should look at reducing some of their reliance on these ridiculous SUVs. That should save them some money.

Okay, I’ve bitched enough I suppose. Besides, don’t you people have anything better to do than read about me complaining?

See you in the funny papers!

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