February 27, 2006

It was a wonderful weekend for me. It was one of those weekends where you come back to work on Monday and you don’t feel cheated. I don’t feel totally rested, but I feel like I got my full weekend.

Thursday night, we saw Coldplay in concert. Check out the Concerts page for more info on that. Friday night I had to work at the Jazz Week event and it wasn’t all bad. It was pretty slow after the concert started and following intermission, I left. Saturday was my first race of the season…4 miles. I ran it in40:57 which was absolutely awesome Congrats to Eric and Jenny as well! Unfortunately WVU beat UofL on Saturday afternoon and I’m sure that at some point, I’ll be required to sing the Mountaineer fight song for Paige. P.S., Yoda was NOT a Mountaineer. Saturday night we saw Dance Brazil which was great. See the Events page for more on that. Finally, Sunday was two church services, but I played well and the evening ended at the Neighbors for some card-playing excitement.

The Olympics are over and I just wasn’t that excited about it for some reason. I think I don’t like Winter Games because it’s winter and I don’t like snow and ice.

I think I’ve also found a new favorite beer. After Dance Brazil on Saturday, we stopped at BBC downtown and I had a Belgian Quadrupel. Beautiful. Less sweet and a little darker than the Dirty Hösen at Cumberland Brews…which makes it brilliant. And at 12.8% ABV, it’s not like you can slurp it down with a straw.

Looking forward to getting back to normal today. Of course, I’m leaving at noon so that I can meet the window guy. We’re getting new windows in the house. I’m very excited. So, maybe I can get back to normal tomorrow.

Anyway, see you in the funny papers!

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