April 28, 2006

Yes, I am feeling better, thank you for asking. I’m still not perfect, but Benadryl seemed to help the matter. I still have a scratchy throat, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

So it’s on to the mini-marathon. I feel good. I know my wife is concerned about my going the distance, but I think I’m going to be fine. I’m shooting for an 11:00/mile pace and that should put me in the 2:40 bracket for finishing. We’ll see how it goes though. My only goal is to finish, I have no times in mind. I think it’s going to be great weather for a run and I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I’ve had sushi twice this week and it has been fabulous. I highly recommend the unagi and the Osaka blue at Maido on Frankfort.

And now for the Friday Five:

  1. Describe one though currently on your mind: The mini-marathon is the foremost thought in my mind. With less than 24 hours to go, I can’t think about a whole lot else. I envision myself running the hills with no problem. I can see the trip back down 4th Street being long and I would imagine that somewhere around the 11th mile I’m going to be very tired.
  2. List two things in your bedroom: One would be the ever growing mountain of clothing that needs to be put away or washed. Seriously…how many clothes do I wear in a week. Second would be my ever changing series of books that I’m reading. I’m in the midst of Prairyerth at the moment. Only a couple hundred pages to go.
  3. Name three songs that you like:
    • With A Song In My Heart by Ella Fitzgerald
    • Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
    • Tessie by Dropkick Murphys
  4. What are four sounds that you can hear right now? I hear my computer’s fan motor that sounds like the Wright Bros. biplane. I hear my office mate typing. I hear some students out in the lobby practicing for their juries. And finally, I hear the incessant ticking of the clock on the wall.
  5. Name five things (or issues) that make you mad: Okay, let me preface this by saying, I don’t get mad that often. The first thing would be the neighbors across the street. Their whining about parking is tedious and gets on my nerves. The second thing is the failure of all governments to understand what the common person needs/wants out of life. The third thing is Indiana drivers. They’re bad and should stay on their side of the river. The fourth thing would be incompatibility with the salaries of faculty vs. the salaries of staff. We work more hours for less pay and we have to put up with students just as much as they do. Finally…I get angry at people who honk at me when I’m riding my bike. They should know that I have as much right to the road as they do. And that goes double for people driving SUVs. So, I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re an SUV driver from Indiana that honks at me while I’m riding my bike, you’ve earned a special place in a soulless afterlife as far as I’m concerned.

I think my Benadryl is kicking in again. I could really use a nap right about now.

See you in the funny papers!

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