May 4, 2006

You probably thought I was still running in the mini. *laughing* That’s a good one. Actually, I did quite well. I ran the 13.1 miles in 2:41:45. Since my only goal was to finish, and I did that, then it was a complete success.

I can’t begin to explain the emotion that goes into running a half-marathon. Sufficed to say, I was nearly in tears at the last turn as I began to drive to the finish line. It’s such an incredible feeling. I almost wish I had slowed down to enjoy it more. The crowd was incredible.

(image courtesy of Jim Moses)

And now, my own little awards ceremony:

  • The “standing-in-the-rain-for-45-minutes-after-his-dad-finished-the-race-to-see-me-finish” award goes to Ryan.
  • The “wishing-me-luck-at-every-possible-moment” award goes to Tom andDonna.
  • The “calling-me-crazy-but-still-proud-of-me” award goes to Carrie.
  • The “got-up-early-to-see-me-race-past-for-half-a-second” award goes to John, Angie, and Gabrielle
  • The “didn’t-know-I-was-running-but-saw-me-on-the-course-anyway” award goes to Joe and Tony.
  • The “wished-they-could’ve-been-there-but-had-family-obligations” award goes toMarsha, Larry, Tom and Paula.
  • And finally the “most-improved-runner” award goes to me.

Thanks to all friends and family who were part of this process. It means a great deal to me that you were involved and engaged.

Be sure to check out the Events and Books pages as they have been updated. And Happy Star Wars Day. (Free cd to anyone who gets that reference. Must post in the forum). See you in the funny papers!

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