June 2, 2006

I started to walk to work in the rain this morning. It’s a long story…so get comfortable.

Yesterday, I left my bike at work because it was pouring rain and I caught a ride home with my wife. No big thing, I’d just walk to work today and ride home. Well, it started to pour rain this morning…but I’ve walked to work in the rain before. I would’ve driven, but we’re transferring our car insurance to the same company as our home insurance (for better rates, you understand) and my car is uninsured until July 1. Still, no big deal. My wife asked if I wanted her to take me to work…no, I’m a big boy, I can stand a little rain. Well…when I headed out, it wasn’t raining; hardly at all. Then, I stopped to see a Neighbor as he was leaving for work. We talked about a few things, mostly his latest trip to Hawaii. So, 15 minutes later, I headed off again…still no real rain. About 1/4 of the way to work, the firmament between the heavens split and released a deluge that Noah would’ve been proud of. So now, I’m soaking wet up to the knees and I’m calling my wife to come pick me up at the convenience store. My jeans are still not dry and probably won’t be until next month. I blame the Neighbor.

Still…I won’t have to worry about watering the garden or the flowers today.


My mother and I enjoy a relationship wherein we aggravate each other until we can find someone who we can harass together. It’s a wonderfully fun relationship. To that end, she was actually giving me the business about not updating my website. She claims that’s the only way she can keep up with me since I never visit. I say she never visits me either, so we’re even. Still, I suppose she’s right. I should update more often. I’ll try to do better. *snort, giggle*


I’ve eliminated the forum. Nobody used it but Angie and it was starting to be intermittent anyway. So…if you want to contact me, use the contact page.

Now it’s time for the FRIDAY FIVE. Today’s five is titled: CURSES!

What’s your favorite phrase when you have:

1. Ate food that tasted bad? I haven’t tasted much bad food. I will eat anything. But on the very few occasions that I’ve tasted something bad, I probably said…”Oh, God…that’s awful. Here, taste this…it’s awful”

2. Stubbed your toe? I’ve done this many more times…and my phrase is usually “Ow, DAMMIT” or simply to fall to the floor wincing in pain, sucking air through my teeth.

3. Become frustrated? Ah, the mother of all phrases….”Sonofabitch” or “Shit!” with at least 7 syllables in both. One of the many things I learned from my father during home improvement projects.

4. Broken something? Usually “Dammit” or “Crap” depending on its value. Then I sulk for awhile, again, depending on its value.

5. Been cut off by another driver? My road rage has calmed considerably over the years. I still get mad, but I’m not a big yeller of phrases anymore. Especially now since I’m on my bike. I’m usually concentrating on staying on the road and not getting killed.

That about covers it. See you in the funny papers!

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