July 26, 2006

Ha! You thought I disappeared again. I caught you sleeping. You always gotta be paying attention Internet! You never know when I’ll pop up again. So what have I been doing with myself these days.

Well, I finished off a trip to Toronto and Cleveland with my father over the weekend. We spent 3 days traveling to see 2 fabulous baseball games. Check out the photos and events pages. Yes…there were actual photos of the games taken. It rained solidly from here to Dayton and then again from the Michigan/Ontario line all the way to Toronto, but cleared up for the night game. The second day, it poured from the heavens from Toronto to Cleveland…ending with a beautiful rainbow over Jacobs Field to begin that game. Quite providential as my dad put it.

I rearranged my desk to alleviate a pain in my neck. I think it’s helping but we’ll see. Also, a trip to the doctor confirmed that my blood pressure is fine (no thanks to those campus health initiative people) and I’m looking forward to a great August.


  • Still no takers on guest writers or interviewees for the CoH. I figured some of you would jump at the chance.
  • My vacation time capped at 352 hours this pay period, so I’ll be taking some time off here and there.
  • I got new flip flops and they’re gorgeous. (Thanks baby!)
  • I’m becoming serious about this bike riding thing. I’m doing at least 12-15 miles a week.
  • Finally bought some picture frames for my office. Now to choose the pictures to go in them. If you have one of me that you think would be perfect…speak now or forever hold your peace.

See you in the funny papers!


July 14, 2006

I’m entertaining the idea of guest writers (ghost writers?) for the Conspiracy of Happiness. If you or a loved one would like to put together an entry for the CoH, let me know and we’ll work out a day. Also, if you’d like to be interviewed for the CoH…drop me a line via the contact page.


I’ve got little to say today. I’m glad it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. The grass is high and I need to get mowing. I can’t get my tomatoes picked before they are ravaged by bugs or birds. For someone who lives in a fairly urban area, I have a lot of suburban problems.

And now…the Friday Five…the “VACATION” edition:

1. How many foreign countries have you visited? I’ve been to 2 foreign countries, unless you count Manhattan. I’ve been to Mexico twice and to South Africa. By the end of the year, that total will double.

2. What do you always take with you on vacation? I don’t really have that one thing I need. I used to take a pillow, but it just takes up so much room. I do always seem to take a hat of some sort.

3. Name something you’ve lost recently: Hmm, I had lost the key to my bike lock, but I found it. I also lost control of my garden and my yard. And once, during the last 3 weeks, I was convinced that I’d lost my sanity.

4. Do you prefer action-packed vacations or relaxing ones? As I get older, I seek out the relaxing ones, but I try to get a little action-packing into the scene occasionally. For example, I think I’m going to go kayaking on our trip to Hilton Head. And my father and I are going on an action-packed baseball trip next weekend.

5. Other people’s vacation photographs: do you really want to see them? Yes. That may sound weird, but I really do enjoy other people’s vacation photos. They always seem to hold something interesting about the person or place that is fun to notice. Like, my godmother’s propensity for taking photos of the same thing at varying distances.

Quote of the Day

Determine never to be idle…it is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

See you in the funny papers!

July 12, 2006

Yesterday, my parents had to put their dog to sleep. Hershey “Bob” was an excitable chocolate Lab that loved company and playing ball. She will be missed terribly and the death of a pet cannot be underestimated.Today is Henry David Thoreau’s birthday. Major kudos to Mr. Thoreau for all his work.

Quote of the Day

It is never too late to give up your prejudices.
Henry David Thoreau (1817- 1862)

See you in the funny papers!

July 11, 2006

Cycling has opened up the city for me. I’m very excited about its possibilities and I’m looking forward to experiencing the novelty of this newfound pasttime. Last night, I biked with the Louisville Bicycle Club and it was amazing. I saw Northwestern Parkway for the first time and the houses out there are gorgeous. There was something about being on a ride through the city, even the not so good parts in Portland, that engendered a new respect for the city. It’s full of history and diverse people and it’s a city that should certainly be enjoyed in all respects.In non-cycling related news, my father and I are looking forward to a baseball trip in a couple of weeks. We’re shooting for the cities of Toronto and Cleveland to take in a couple of games. And last weekend, I was able to enjoy a couple of hours kayaking with my father-in-law out at Harrods Creek. My “communing with nature” has certainly increased greatly since my first July posting. I’m also visiting the library more these days…taking in several selections which can be found on the book page. I’ve started marking the books with finish dates so that you can find the most recent additions.

Summer is back. The dry sirocco flooded the campus yesterday as I headed to lunch. I always feel that summer is a welcome sight as I generally hate cold weather…plus, it’s an excuse to hang out with friends and drink beer and stay up late. Winter…well, not much beer drinking in the winter (at least, it’s not as refreshing) and staying up late is about 9:00 pm. And nobody likes to get out in the snow.

And now…to borrow a page from Ms Hellion…the ABC Survey.

A – AVAILABLE: not since ’03 suckas!

B – BIRTHDAY: December 16th…presents welcome.

C – CRUSH: lately, I’d have to say Keira Knightley.

D – DOG’S NAME: Hershey, a dog I lay very little claim to.



G- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORM: I like the worm, simply you can slurp it into your mouth.

I – INSTRUMENT: I play the piano, but I love the cello.

J – JUGGLE: Have you seen my schedule lately? Of course I juggle.

K – KILLED SOMEONE: No. Thought about it once, or twice.

L – LONGEST CAR RIDE: Roundtrip to Kansas and back. Or that bus trip to the ruins in Uxmal.

M – MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Peanut Butter, from the Dairy Kastle


O – ONE WISH: a dollar a day, so I’ll always have something in my wallet.

P – PERSON WHO TEXTED ME LAST: Brother Case, about his poor lamented Cardinals.

Q – QUESTION YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO ASK: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?

R – REASON TO SMILE: I know a secret.

S – SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Rockin’ The Suburbs – Ben Folds

T – TIME YOU WOKE UP: 7:40 am

U – UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I have no unknown facts…I am an open book.

V – VEGETABLE YOU HATE: Pickled Beets…gah!

W – WORST HABIT: chewing my fingernails.

X – X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: hip – 81-82; ankle – 93; hand – 02; various teeth.

Y – YOUR NUMBER OF FRIENDS ON MYSPACE: 17, I cull on a regular basis.

Z- ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius…the best sign of all.

Quote of the Day

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.
E. B. White (1899 – 1985)

See you in the funny papers!

July 6, 2006

A take on some of the things I’ve read over the past few days:
  • Coke employees busted for trying to sell formula to Pepsi – okay, seriously, is this still an issue? Doesn’t Pepsi have the science available to reverse engineer Coke? And why would Coke be so overly concerned? Who would buy Coke made by Pepsi?
  • Concrete-filled soccer balls – some jokers are going around placing concrete filled soccer balls in public areas with signs that induce people to kick the balls. Okay, it’s a dumb prank and probably causes injury, but aren’t we glad the balls weren’t dynamite-filled soccer balls? Admittedly this is a bigger issue in Germany. Can you imagine concrete-filled NASCARs in the South with signs that say “Drive Me”?
  • Mentos and Diet Coke fountain – This was fun the first time I saw it, but the last 38 times, it’s just been messy. I wish I had the disposable income to go buy about 30 bottles of Diet Coke and a rack of Mentos to explode in my backyard.
  • Landfill boss drinks garbage juice – So, this guy, who’s either crazy with a death wish or incredibly confident in his product, drinks leachate from the landfill to prove that it is environmentally safe. Goes on to say he stays away from water because “you know what fish do in it”. DUDE, do you have any idea what kind of garbage people throw away. It’s a lot worse than fish piss.
  • Shuttle heat shield appears intact – Um, isn’t that what we said about the last one? “Looks okay guys, come on back to Earth.” This shuttle should never have gone up. There was a crack in the foam before it even went up. And if these “bird droppings” turn out to be more significant…well, our space program is done.
  • Boston drops third straight to Devil Rays – Didn’t these guys just reel off about 12 straight wins…and they can’t beat the Devil Rays? Carl Crawford stole home off our latest acquisition last night. STOLE HOME! The last person I knew who did a straight steal of home was that kid in Sandlot and before that it was Jackie Robinson. It just doesn’t happen that often. Sonofa…I swear. We can go 3 games up on the Yankees, but we can’t beat the Devil Rays. Pathetic.

My goal for July as mentioned in the last post has been postponed. It may happen, but it’s not a guarantee.

Quote of the Day

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. 

See you in the funny papers!

July 3, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Gabrielle!

This is the lost day in the work week. It’s a Monday, sandwiched by the weekend, per usual, and a national holiday. You have to show up to work, but there’s not really much going on…so it’s sort of a black hole in the week. Waste of a nice day if you ask me. The good news is I’ve found a free music listening service courtesy of the Dwight Anderson Music Library at UofL. It has a wealth of music, so I shouldn’t be bored.

So, I’m shooting for a less esoteric, more engaging journal these days. I don’t want my audience to feel like they need to be involved in my life in order to get more out of my writing. I want it to appeal to a broad spectrum of the human experience. So, there will probably be less about me and my life personally and more about how life interacts with me.

In that vein, here are some things I’m going to try:

  • Visit the library more.
  • Spend more time with nature.
  • Gain insight into a world with less routine.
  • Become more community-active.

I have a goal for the end of July…and I’ll know more about how it’s going to turn out by the end of the week. So you’ll definitely want to stay tuned.

Quote of the Day

We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.
Lynn Hall, Where Have All the Tigers Gone?, 1989

See you in the funny papers!