July 26, 2006

Ha! You thought I disappeared again. I caught you sleeping. You always gotta be paying attention Internet! You never know when I’ll pop up again. So what have I been doing with myself these days.

Well, I finished off a trip to Toronto and Cleveland with my father over the weekend. We spent 3 days traveling to see 2 fabulous baseball games. Check out the photos and events pages. Yes…there were actual photos of the games taken. It rained solidly from here to Dayton and then again from the Michigan/Ontario line all the way to Toronto, but cleared up for the night game. The second day, it poured from the heavens from Toronto to Cleveland…ending with a beautiful rainbow over Jacobs Field to begin that game. Quite providential as my dad put it.

I rearranged my desk to alleviate a pain in my neck. I think it’s helping but we’ll see. Also, a trip to the doctor confirmed that my blood pressure is fine (no thanks to those campus health initiative people) and I’m looking forward to a great August.


  • Still no takers on guest writers or interviewees for the CoH. I figured some of you would jump at the chance.
  • My vacation time capped at 352 hours this pay period, so I’ll be taking some time off here and there.
  • I got new flip flops and they’re gorgeous. (Thanks baby!)
  • I’m becoming serious about this bike riding thing. I’m doing at least 12-15 miles a week.
  • Finally bought some picture frames for my office. Now to choose the pictures to go in them. If you have one of me that you think would be perfect…speak now or forever hold your peace.

See you in the funny papers!

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