August 23, 2006

I love vacation. I hate coming home from vacation, but I do love the carefree lifestyle of not doing anything. It’s so freeing and relaxing. There were moments on vacation where turning on the television was more work than I wanted to do. Consequently, I took a lot of naps. Good naps too…not just quick 20 minute deals…we’re talking 2-3 hour naps. A brief synopsis follows:

  • 8/11 – Drive all night to Asheville, stay in a cheap motel
  • 8/12 – Met Elizabeth and had breakfast at the Earlygirl (highly recommended) and a brief tour of the Blue Spiral 1, drove on to Hilton Head Island.
  • 8/13 – Did nothing…shopped for a beach umbrella.
  • 8/14 – First day at the beach, shopped at the outlet malls.
  • 8/15 – More beach time, many naps.
  • 8/16 – No beach, more shopping.
  • 8/17 – Day at the beach, also some time at the pool.
  • 8/18 – Kayaking on Broad Creek,
  • 8/19 – Drive home to Louisville.

The only bad thing about vacation was that the Red Sox lost 5 straight to the Yankees which just really creases my shorts. Those rotten bastards better not screw up a postseason appearance. Could we at least get some starting pitching? Sheesh.

So we’re back. Oliver is adjusting to life in the house. And…we’d like to announce the arrival of two new cats to our home, Peach and Red. Their names may change, but they’re very different from Oliver and are still acclimating themselves to their new home. But we think they’re gonna like it here. Yes, I know…3 cats. It’s insane, but what do you do…they needed a home.

Check out the books and movies page. Many updates. Also, stay tuned for more about work and school as we begin a new semester.

See you in the funny papers!

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