August 31, 2006

Okay, I got this survey from my cousin T., via MySpace. It’s pretty interesting:

Any teenager can write a survey about their favorite class or their secret crush or how nice their car is that their parents paid for. This is the survey for the older crowd.
1. Do you have a college degree?
I’m a mere 18 credit hours away.
2. What was the amount of your last electric bill?
I think it was around $95-100. It’s been really hot and now that we have 3 cats, we’re cooling the whole house.
3. How many hours per week do you have to work?
Well, let’s be honest…I don’t really “work” the hours listed on my time sheet. Plus, does anyone really “have to” work. I just do it because daytime television sucks.
4. Have you ever attended a Toastmasters event?
Can’t say as I have.
5. Favorite place to attend Happy Hour?
I’m not sure I’ve ever attended a happy hour.
6. How many miles is your commute to work each day
1.25 miles to work….1.25 miles home. I live the good life.Oliver
7. What time do you get up every morning?
7:10 am…no, 7:24…sometimes 7:30. It really depends on my need to shave.
8. What is your definition of sleeping in late?
Since Oliver joined the family, about 8 a.m.
9. Have you found any gray hairs?
Yes, and I look fabulous with them.
10. Do you check your cholesterol on a yearly basis?
I don’t, but I think my doctor does. So far, so good.
11. How large was your first cellular phone?
It was a little larger than my current phone. I was a late-adopter to the cell phone craze.
12. Does your employer provide good health insurance?
It’s pretty good coverage. Much better than most folks. But, I rarely use it.
13. Did you use the internet to write a research paper?
14. Have you ever heard of the internet sensation …….. or visited?
What internet sensation? This internets thing is a fad. It won’t last. Cuneiform is the way to go.
15. Have you attended a high school reunion?
No. My lame ass class can’t get their shit together long enough to host one. Damn pot smokers!
16. How many jobs have you held in your professional career?
Well, if by professional you mean paid, then I’ve held 7 jobs, most of them concurrently.
17. Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job?
Yes…and I’m sure they rue the day.
18. What is your favorite well drink?
I’ve never really understood the term “well drink”, but a quick internets search (merely a fad I say) reveals that I’m good with a vodka tonic.

19. What is the most expensive bottle of wine that you have in your residence?
Well, technically if you count the plane fare, it’s the bottles we brought home from South Africa. However, if that is not a fair assessment, then it has to be the bottle we got for our wedding from Beth and Marc.
20. Have you been divorced?
No…and I’m not going to.
21. How old were you when you stopped getting IDed for alcohol/tobacco etc…?
I prefer just to flash my ID. It saves me and the clerk time from guessing at what my age could be.
22. Favorite casino?
Only having been to one casino my whole life, I guess I’d have to say Caesar’s.
23. Are you happier now than you were in high school?
Exponentially happier.
24. Did you ever have Hypercolor shirts?
I might have had one, but good lord, that was like a hundred years ago. 
25. Do you remember when Michael Jackson was black and attracted to older people?
Ah…yes. Well, sort of. Does the “Thriller” era count?
26. What music was in your cd / cassette player when you were 16?
I can assure you that it was nothing as cool as the music I listen to now. 
27. Favorite fancy / upscale restaurant?
Maido Essential Japanese…*drool*
28. How long has it been since you attended a kegger?
I think I’ve been to one kegger in my life…and that was a rush week event at the Kappa Sigma house, where I was obviously out of place. 
30. Where were you when you found out about 9-11?
I was working at my desk…story of my life.
31. When’s the last time you were at a 7-11?
Does it have to be an actual 7-11? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a real 7-11. I’ve lived such a sheltered life.

So there you have it. A survey for the end of August. More next month.

See you in the funny papers!

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