September 20, 2006

Today is the final day of summer regardless of what some people’s calendars might say. Still, you might have thought that fall started a week ago. Consequently, I wore a jacket this morning on my ride to work. Not looking forward to those icy cold downhill rides on winter mornings, but I’m not giving up the bike. Several people have asked me if I’m going to get chains for my bike tires. It’s not an altogether bad idea really.

I added a bunch of pictures from a trip to Waverly Hills. If you’ve never been up there, or if you were only there illegally at night, you should check them out. I think Carrie and I got some pretty good shots. Still no pictures of the cats, so leave me alone.

So just a few updates on various things:

  • My midday class is a waste of my time. She puts the notes out on the internet, then proceeds to read from the notes in class. I CAN READ! GAH!
  • My evening class is interesting with lively discussion. Unfortunately, it’s 3 hours on a Monday night. Who plans these things?
  • Church is back in session. Fortunately, I don’t have children’s music to worry about anymore. They hired a guy, so I’m off the hook.
  • Work is the same. I go, they pay me. You know the drill.
  • I got a new blade for the lawnmower and it slices like a ninja; cuts like a razor blade. So fast, other mowers say damn! If my grass was weed, I’d sell it by the gram. Keep my composure when it’s time to mow lawn, sweatin’ in the sun; showing off my brawn. If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it. I’ll mow the grass while the new blade revolves it.

That about covers it. See you in the funny papers!


September 18, 2006

I’ve only had a couple of responses to my last post. I’ll give you some more time because I think it’s a pretty interesting process. I highly encourage you to participate. If you have or haven’t responded, feel free to pass on to your friends and get their opinions…all comments will be posted.

Someone asked about the forum. There is no forum because it was an intermittent service and I always want the best for my loyal readers. It didn’t add much to the website, so I did away with it. The forum would probably be good if I had about 100 readers as opposed to the apparent three that I currently have.

I know I’ve promised pictures of the cats. I just haven’t had a chance to take their pictures. They do seem to be getting along a little better, although Red has lived up to her name by sustaining a nice little bloody scratch across her nose from Oliver. She’s tough though, she’s not taking any of his shit. And Peach has finally ventured downstairs on more than one occasion and is becoming more loving. We think it’s the paperclips.

I’m devouring books at an alarming rate these days. Granted, they’re not the longest novels in the world, but I’m definitely reading more. Check out updates to the Books, Movies, Events, and Links content on the website. Also, let me know what you think about the new design. Does it work for you or not?

See you in the funny papers!

September 15, 2006

Yesterday I sang at the funeral for a woman who lived to the ripe old age of 95. 95 is a lot of years, more than most of us will ever see. Even with advances in modern medicine and the ever growing life-expectancy, it is quite a feat to live that long. Still, there is a certain insistence on the part of death.I don’t want to dwell on death, mostly because it’s a Friday and I’m in a pretty decent mood. That, and death doesn’t really scare me. I don’t welcome it, but I do see it as just another part of the cycle.

The problem is, when is it “your time to go”? I hate the phrase because I don’t buy into a master plan where everyone is scheduled to shed their mortality at a preordained time. Still, I do think people live full lives (95) whereas others are cut short well before they’ve given their all. And I think that’s what we’re here for, to give all we have to give and then go. In the words of the great Huey Long, “God, don’t let me die. I have so much to do.”

So, here’s where you come in — I’m asking you to send me the top 3 things you want said at your funeral about you ( a little morbid, I know) and I’ll post them here anonymously. In the interest of full disclosure, here are my three:

  • He was an outstanding father. He always had time for his kids and there was never anything he wouldn’t do for them.
  • He and his wife loved each other with reckless abandon for these many years. Every moment with them was as though they had only been married the previous weekend.
  • He loved the land that he felt he was a part of. His desire to ensure that future generations enjoyed the earth as it was meant to be seen was unmatched.

The true test of time, however, will be a fulfillment of these words. Here’s to 95.

See you in the funny papers!