September 20, 2006

Today is the final day of summer regardless of what some people’s calendars might say. Still, you might have thought that fall started a week ago. Consequently, I wore a jacket this morning on my ride to work. Not looking forward to those icy cold downhill rides on winter mornings, but I’m not giving up the bike. Several people have asked me if I’m going to get chains for my bike tires. It’s not an altogether bad idea really.

I added a bunch of pictures from a trip to Waverly Hills. If you’ve never been up there, or if you were only there illegally at night, you should check them out. I think Carrie and I got some pretty good shots. Still no pictures of the cats, so leave me alone.

So just a few updates on various things:

  • My midday class is a waste of my time. She puts the notes out on the internet, then proceeds to read from the notes in class. I CAN READ! GAH!
  • My evening class is interesting with lively discussion. Unfortunately, it’s 3 hours on a Monday night. Who plans these things?
  • Church is back in session. Fortunately, I don’t have children’s music to worry about anymore. They hired a guy, so I’m off the hook.
  • Work is the same. I go, they pay me. You know the drill.
  • I got a new blade for the lawnmower and it slices like a ninja; cuts like a razor blade. So fast, other mowers say damn! If my grass was weed, I’d sell it by the gram. Keep my composure when it’s time to mow lawn, sweatin’ in the sun; showing off my brawn. If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it. I’ll mow the grass while the new blade revolves it.

That about covers it. See you in the funny papers!

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