October 6, 2006

So it’s late in the afternoon on the Friday before fall break, plus it’s St. James weekend, and let me just say how (not) busy (not) we are (not)! The phone is not ringing, there is no one in the office…it’s just dead around here. So, what better time to do the Friday Five:

In response to all the rain we had last weekend…

Do you drink enough water? Well, who’s to say how much is enough? I mean, I drink water occasionally and I definitely drink water after running or biking long distance. And I drink a lot of water after I give blood. But how much is enough. I don’t drink that ridiculous 8 cups a day. I would spend my whole life in the bathroom.

Where’s the nearest swimmable body of water? Technically, I think it’s the Ohio. I don’t know anybody who swims in it and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, but I suppose it’s possible. I guess beyond that, there are probably several lakes. Taylorsville Lake is pretty close. I know the lake at Camp Pyoca is safe and Patoka Lake is probably also pretty good.

When did you learn to swim? I vaguely remember taking swimming lessons. I was taught to reach out with each hand and pretend to grab $100 bills. This was to improve form and stroke. I would think that reaching for $1 bills would create a faster stroke, because you could get halfway across the pool and be happy with the money you collected and sink to the bottom if you only have $100 bills, but the intent is there I suppose. That’s not the point…I think I learned to swim at a very early age. Apparently when $100 was a lot of money.

How do you feel about rain? Oddly enough, I have very strong feelings about rain both ways. I love rain…in the summer and the rain is warm and it doesn’t last long. I hate rain…when it’s cold and I’m riding my bike to work.

What are your thoughts on bottled water? I’m kind of torn on bottled water. I know there are studies done that show that bottled water is no different and actually may be more harmful than tap water. Plus, it’s silly to pay extra money for something you get basically for free. AND…the extra packaging is not good for the environment. However, there is no accounting for the convenience of the bottle. Not to mention, it somehow tastes better. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I’m okay with that.

And that about wraps it up. I’ll see you next week at some point. See you in the funny papers!

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