October 10, 2006

OW! No seriously…OW! Last night, I was coming downstairs with a bag in my right hand. I looked up and was talking to one of the cats and my left foot slipped off the step. I had no real way to brace myself, so I landed on my ass about 5 steps down. I bruised my heel (I had socks on) and my elbows and I hurt a couple of knuckles. As I lay there in the hallway, midway between groaning and laughing, I realized that I’m getting too old to be falling down steps. My body will simply not put up with this kind of crap much longer. Carrie and I had a good laugh about it after we determined that there was no need for me to go to the emergency room. Today…I am very sore.

In other, unrelated, news: We are probably going to have to find a new home for Peach and Red. The three cats will simply not get along and it’s causing real problems. It’s unfortunate because all 3 of them separately are wonderful and sweet, but together it’s like a cockfight during a tornado.

Okay, I can’t type any more because my knuckle hurts. See some of you for dessert this evening.

See you in the funny papers!

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