Fortunately, by virtue of not having Thanksgiving at our home, we have no leftovers. No pound of cranberry sauce, no turkey carcass, no crispy bits of broccoli casserole. We’re free from any food that we didn’t purchase ourselves. I don’t know what you do with all that food that’s leftover. Some of my family will be eating ham sandwiches for months. However, a four day weekend leaves me with a ton of random bits of information and minutiae that must be dealt with, but don’t necessarily warrant an entire post.

  • I survived Thanksgiving for another year. The logistics were better this year, and although I still ate way too much, Chocolate Chip CookiesI wasn’t AS tired as I had been in previous years.
  • My paternal grandmother turned 80 this weekend. Eighty years is a long time, so I asked her to share some wisdom of her lifetime. She merely responded “Live every day”, which on the surface seems like a cop-out, but in reality turns out to be very wise indeed.
  • My mom made me some chocolate chip cookies. Not just ANY chocolate chip cookies. These are the best cookies in the tri-state area. I kid you not. They are like crack cookies. If you eat these cookies and don’t find them absolutely delicious, you are no longer my friend.
  • I attended the saddest funeral this weekend for a man who had no one left in the world. His wife was gone, they had no kids. The only people there were his neighbors and some extended family. The service was in a cavernous airplane hangar of a church with a very small contingent (5) of choir members singing dreadfully off key. It was enough to make you decide not to have a funeral.
  • The Books and Movies pages have been updated. Also, the Older Pages link is to the archives from the old website.

So…there you have it. Feel free to comment on any posts, there’s a link on every post just for that. I know you’re out there reading the site, I can see the statistics.

See you in the funny papers!

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