Fourteen days

How long must we wait to go to Paris? A mere 14 days. The agony is sweet and beautiful. Ordinarily I don’t ramp up like this for vacations that involve air travel, but I am geeked for this trip. Paris is a true “world city”. When you say Paris, nobody is confused about where that is. They may not be able to point it out on the map, but the word alone evokes notions or, better still, memories that cannot be evaded. The Paris of the mind is beautiful, romantic, and definitively European. It’s my opinion that even Europeans hold a certain reverence for the Lady of the Seine. And I simply cannot wait.

And it’s a good thing I have all this love and warmth, because the bike ride this morning was a serious bitch. HELLO DECEMBER! I was very nearly blown back up the hill on my ride to work; the little pellets of icerain tagging me in the face. But, I got here before the really nasty stuff started. I think we’ve finally left autumn behind though. So, in honor of the oncoming season…the Friday Five.

  1. Do you have a hurricane or tornado story? Back when I was little, my family went to Charleston, SC for a vacation. I don’t remember the time of year, but I do remember that my godmother wanted to take us out onto a boat into the harbor there to see porpoises and I assume something historical. I don’t remember a lot because I do remember thinking that the boat would tip over. I think my sense of balance has always been a little off, thus my fear of heights, planes, elevators, etc. Anyway, we’re out in the harbor, but it was a short boat ride because the rain really started to come down and come to find out, the city was evacuating due to an oncoming hurricane. Where was I? Yep, on a less than seaworthy vessel in the midst of an onslaught of nasty weather.
  2. When was the last time you flew a kite? Again, my godmother appears in this story. I think I flew a kite once in my wholeNatural Bridge life. It was in a field across from her house and we would run to get the kite up in the air, but I think I was too young to understand the concept. My sister, apparently more aware than I was, refused to run and became incensed and tearful at the thought of running through tall grass for what seemed like little value at the time. I’d love to fly a kite again sometime. I think I’d be good at it.
  3. Not counting in the midst of a storm, where’s the windiest place you’ve been? I was on top of the arch at Natural Bridge in Kentucky having lunch with some friends. As I stood there looking out across the Red River Gorge, the wind stiffened and I could feel a peaceful push of nature as the sun warmed my face. It wasn’t very windy, but most of the places I’ve been have to have a serious storm to get real wind.
  4. When did you last see a real windmill? Have I ever seen a real windmill? Probably when I went out to Kansas. I’m sure that there was some sort of windmill out there, or probably in Illinois somewhere. Now, if you’re talking about an actual mill, that grinds meal using wind power? Not likely. And for those of you who remember a really good laugh…“I don’t know what this windmill place is, but I’m not stayin’ in no hotel!”
  5. From which direction is the wind coming right now? I think at the moment the wind is coming from every direction, but if I had to pick, I’d say west southwest. And it’s picking up steam. Maybe we’ll get some snow this weekend.

That’s about it…maybe more baby pictures this weekend. The child has been photographed at least 215 times (I KID YOU NOT!) since it was born. That’s roughly 9 pictures an hour.

See you in the funny papers!

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