The Ice Man Cometh

It’s currently 16 degrees in Louisville, and yes, I rode my bike to work today. You’ve seriously got to question the sanity of a person willing to strap themselves to a metal conveyance and hurtle downhill with oncoming traffic at this temperature. The wind chill is 8 degrees. My face, what little was left exposed to the wind, felt like it was melting off. At one point, I couldn’t breathe through my fleece collar and I only had one eye open because it hurt to do anything else. My hands, while gloved, were frozen by the time I got to the second stop sign. And yet, I’m currently at my desk, drinking hot chocolate, and I feel fine. My face is a little tingly…it’s probably the frost bite…but other than that, no lingering damage.Orange Bowl Patch

In other news, Louisville is going to the Orange Bowl. I remember a day quite similar to this when my godmother and I sat out at old Cardinal Stadium watching the Cardinals futile effort against an unremembered team. I must have had 8 cups of hot chocolate that day. Those were the early 80s and Schnellenberger was perfecting the “3 and out” with his play perfect “up the middle”. Little did we imagine then that the university would be playing in a major bowl game this year, one loss removed from a possible title-game matchup with Ohio State. My wife says I never talked about football before we were married 3 years ago. Her brother also never talked about football either (He’s a WVU grad). It’s interesting how a decent football team will change your mindset. Not to worry though, I know that Red Sox Spring Training tickets went on sale this Saturday and it’s only a few months til pitchers and catchers report. I will have forgotten there is such a thing as football by then.

See you in the funny papers!

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