Segregation Junction, what’s your function?

There is currently a case or two before the Supreme Court regarding use of race in public schools to determine admission. In your mind, you probably imagine that it’s the Brown v. Board of Education all over again. In reality, the publicSegregation in schools schools have been trying to avoid that and it’s the parents who are now saying that it’s discrimination to disallow their child because he/she overloads the racial balance on one side or the other. The public schools are trying desperately to abide by the original rules which provides for desegregated schools. The parents are saying, fine, be desegregated, but not if my child can’t be in the school I want him/her to be in.

I suppose it would be naive of me to think that we could possibly leave race out of it altogether.

So, here’s what I propose. Design a school system where children are taught what they need to know to succeed in life; not certain jobs, in life itself. Staff that school system with teachers who are allowed to do their job without needing to cover things that will only appear on a standardized test…which are really anything but standard. Allow anyone to attend any school regardless of the color of skin, religion or lack of, sex or sex identity and educate them the same by providing the same access and facilities…across the board. Sure, this is probably going to mean your school tax rate is going to go up and you’re probably going to have some schools that look segregated, but aren’t.

The point is the education and how good it is…it’s not who learns it where, or teaches it. We’ve got to move past this black/white thing, otherwise, our children are going to suffer.

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2 thoughts on “Segregation Junction, what’s your function?

  1. I have nothing against Brown vs.Board of Education ruling, it was the first step in leveling the playing field for a children to get decent education. Now school districts are merely making sure race quotas are filled for the sole purpose of filling the qouta, eucation has taken a backseat!

  2. My point exactly. We need to educate the children regardless of what color they are or aren’t. Stop trying to make an arbitrary racial balance. It’s like watching a sitcom and seeing someone from every ethnic background in the same frame. It’s unnecessary.

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