Thoughts on leaving

Today I leave for Paris, France for a week. I absolutely cannot wait to get there. Carrie and I even discussed science-fiction possibilities for getting there even faster. The top three that we came up with are:

  • Portkey (a la Harry Potter)
  • Apparation (a la Harry Potter)
  • Teleportation (a la Star Trek)

We’re not going to be able to use any of those…but we would prefer portkey I think. Oh, if only Air France were aware of these possibilities.

On a more serious note, today is an anniversary. A 5-year anniversary to be exact. Five years ago today my best friend Melisa was killed in her home. She was taken from this life long before she was able to do all the good things she had planned. Even so, she was a bright shining star in the universe and I miss her every day, some more than others. Especially when I want to share a moment like my trip to Paris with her. She was a great and wonderful person and she is missed immeasurably by people who knew her even better than I. I want to leave this with my favorite thing about Melisa. She was a staunch defender of her home state of Kansas. She knew the Latin motto and everything. I once made the mistake of “dissing” Kansas and she sent me a tourism packet that practically made me a citizen of the state. So, let me say this…Praise to Kansas.

Melisa Ruth (Harley) Augustson
June 3, 1977 – December 14, 2001

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