Orange JUICED!

The Ville is hoppin’ today after a beautiful come from behind FINISH in the FedEx Orange Bowl to beat Wake Forest 24-13. I foresee a great many accolades for the football team after such a victory. A ticker-tape parade would be only the beginning of such festivities. I’m surprised the university didn’t call it a holiday. And, I’m a bit miffed about that as well.

In other news, which is certain to draw ire from many corners of the earth…why do we continue to trot out Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali for every nickel and dime event in which Louisville takes part? I feel so sorry for the guy who is continually called upon to feebly wave to a crowd he doesn’t seem to recognize as part of a dog and pony show. I understand that the man was great and he continues to be an ambassador for peace and human dignity, but in that vein, can we not allow the man some dignity in not forcing him to bow and scrape every time the city needs a celebrity? Do we not have any other famous sports figures available for coin tosses? Unless of course Muhammad Ali enjoys it and this is just not evident from his advanced Parkinson’s…in which case, I withdraw my previous rant.

And finally…winter is coming. Trust me. I know that this 50-60 degrees is great and all, and believe me, I love sunshine as much, if not more than the next guy. But when February gets here, I’m going to refer back to this post and remind you Internet people that I foretold the coming of a great north wind, the likes of which have not been seen, lo these many decades and the righteous shall shiver in darkness from the oncoming snows of the apocalypse. But at least we won’t have that bungling moron in the White House anymore.

See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “Orange JUICED!

  1. Well what other celebreties does Louisville have? Ali is getting pretty feeble, that I whole heartedly agree.

    That was a great game, for a while it looked like Schnellenberger football for the first half. But the right football team showed up in the second half and we won!

  2. This city has a ton of celebrities. Maybe not as many as large on the world stage as Ali, but certainly notable ones. Diane Sawyer (maybe not ideal for a sports venue), Pat Day (not totally recognizable, but certainly sporting), one of many players for either of the two basketball championship teams (Griffith or Ellison immediately spring to mind)…or Denny Crum (he’s a Hall of Famer). Heck, I’d even take Mayor Jerry.

    But you’re right, I was afraid Schnellenberger was back at the helm with the first half…but Petrino masterminded an excellent fourth quarter.

  3. I often wonder if Ali enjoys his public appearances. He definitely would be the biggest name from Louisville, although Diane Sawyer is at least a nationally known figure.

    And the weather makes me sick. It was 61 at 6:30 this morning. Where’s the snow!?!?!?

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