Resolution, shmesolution!

Now that we’re basically a week into the new year, I thought it high time I visited the idea of resolutions.  Resolutions, on the whole, don’t last.  They’re nice for a while, but then your life interferes and resolutions are the first thing to go.  Still, even as an exercise in futility, it is at the very least exercise…and who couldn’t use a little more of that.  So, here goes nothing.Relax

  • Resolution 1 – I resolve to spend more time with my family.  I’d like to get to know my niece as she grows up and not just at birthdays and holidays.  Also, I’d like to relax with my parents more…they have a great backyard for relaxing.  Come to think of it, my in-laws have a great yard for relaxing as well, so they’re probably going to see more of me as well.
  • Resolution 2 – Between running and biking last year, I covered 787.4 miles in less than 100 hours.  So, this year, I’m going to shoot for 900 miles.  Of course, I’ll need to get started, because currently, I’ve only got 6 miles.
  • Resolution 3 – I’m going to attempt one of the following: new instrument/new language.  I think that is a good goal.  I’m more likely to learn a new instrument…being as I work in the music school, but we’ll see.  My trip to France exposed a need for a new language.  Still, I think I might choose Chinese or Arabic.  You never know.

And those are my resolutions for the new year.  That should be enough to keep me busy.  And, being as this is the first Friday of the year, why don’t we do a Friday Five?

  1.  What is one healthy food you really, really like?  I really enjoy those Spicy Chik’n Patties from Boca.  They’re very good just plain out of the microwave and I think they’re pretty healthy, although a little high on the sodium side.
  2. In what area of your life are you especially well-organized? Unfortunately, organization is not really my forté, but the CD and DVD collection is one area in which I excel.  Also, my Star Wars collection, when not in a box, is very well organized.
  3. Who is someone you’ve managed to stay in touch with? I assume this refers to someone who lives a great distance away.  Unfortunately, I suck at keeping in touch with people.  The best I can offer is Ryan, and he would probably have something to say about that since I haven’t called him back from his call for New Years.  I keep in touch with Lindsey, but we only write each other about every two months or so.
  4. What bad habit were you able to break (or what vice were you able to give up), and what was it like going through that change? I have so few vices that I treasure each one dearly.  My bad habits include biting my fingernails and leaving my dirty clothes in a pile near the hamper.  I have tried to curb the latter, whereas my fingernails only grow when I’m on vacation.  I had great fingernails when I came back from France.  Now, 50% of those could only be considered viable fingernails.
  5. Someone out there, whether you know it or not, wishes he or she were more like you in some way.  What is it he or she most likely admires about you?  Everybody wishes they had my sense of humor.  I mean, come on, I’m extremely funny.  It’s possible that I’m the funniest person you know.  That said, there are also some people who probably wish that they were as dependable as I am.  If I say I’ll do it, I’ll do it…and you can count on it.

So, we’re off to a good start in the new year.  I’ll keep you updated on the resolution progress.  See you in the funny papers!

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