A letter to Bobby Petrino

Dear Bobby Petrino,

First of all, thank you!  Thank you for four fabulous years of college football that many of us will never forget.  It was an amazing ride and we appreciate your hard work and disciplined attitude in bringing us the best possible teams throughout your tenure at the university.

Secondly, shame on you!  Shame on you for not being a man of integrity; a role model for the very impressionable young people that you coach.  To continuously sneak behind the backs of your team, not to mention the administration and the city that have done everything you’ve desired to make your stay a happy one, is unconscionable.  It demeans the program whether that was your intent or not.  To have said in one breath that “Louisville is where I want to be” and still be packing your bags for Atlanta is a gross disrespect for a lot of people.

Finally, and this is for everyone, not just you Bobby…it’s always about the money.  I said this when Johnny Damon left the Red Sox for the hated Yankees.  If for one minute you think that anything in sports is not about the money, you are sorely mistaken.  Bobby, we know it’s about the money.  You’ll be making twice as much money in a much more high profile job and I can appreciate that because I’m barely making enough to cover the house mortgage every month.

But money does not buy happiness.  Money does not, unfortunately, buy integrity.  Money does not buy anything except that which you could probably do without anyway.  With that said, enjoy Atlanta.  I hope you lead Michael Vick and the Falcons to an unprecedented level.  But I hope Atlanta knows that you’re not a man of your word and they should wonder every time you step off the field if you’re not looking for another place to call “home.”


The Conspiracy of Happiness

6 thoughts on “A letter to Bobby Petrino

  1. Aren’t *all* college coaches flight risks? Yeah, I’d love for there to be as much loyalty and integrity from those in the sports biz as from those of us who love and support our teams. However, as a Kentucky fan, I’m glad our money-loving, questionable-integrity coach went in search of greener pastures. We got a better coach in his place. Sports is a cyclical thing. It’s hard, but that’s the way it is.

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