State of the (drinking) Union

So the thing is I hate listening to the President speak, but I feel some sort of obligation, in orderGeorge Bush Toasts to understand how deep the hole he’s digging is going to be for future generations. All in all, last night’s speech wasn’t awful. He actually said a lot of things that, for a change, made sense. And while he may have been pandering to Democrats in order to avoid 2 years of lame duck-ness, hopefully some of it will actually come to pass. Especially the parts about healthcare and reduction of dependence on oil (although, ethanol is not the answer). But again, I don’t like listening to him talk…so C suggested a State of the Union drinking game.

For those of you unclear on the concept, every time you hear certain keywords, you take a swig of alcohol. (Yes, I said swig…I’m from Kentucky and it’s a real word.) So for last night’s State of the Union, we chose the following: Security, terrorists, Iraq, 9/11, and any mispronounced words. I was pretty much drunk by 9:41 and that was even before he said Nu-kyuh-lur…THREE TIMES! Although, at first we were drinking when he was saying uh-Murr-akins. Finally, we realized that’s just his accent.

It’s a pretty fun game, although, I wasn’t really paying attention after awhile. So…I don’t really remember a lot, but I don’t think it was as bad as it could’ve been. Here’s hoping that wasn’t just the vodka haze.  I wish we had had this little beauty in addition to our own rules.  That would’ve been more political fun than should be legal.

See you in the funny papers!

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