40 Days and 40 Nights

In nine days, a season will begin. No, not baseball season…I’m speaking of a liturgical season. Now, I’m not the most religious person, although I go to church a lot more than most people who would claim to be religious. And ordinarily I don’t go in for all the dogma that trails most religions, but Lent has always been a season that has intrigued me. To many, Lent involves choosing something to give up; to deny yourself the ordinary in order to transcend to the extraordinary. To others, there is also the commitment to become something new and better by adding something to their lives during Lent, e.g. being involved in community service.

So, in the spirit of Lent, I’m going to try and do both. For the denial portion of Lent, I’ve decided to give up meat. That’s right, I’m going to be a vegetarian for Lent. I like a grilled burger as much as the next person, but not only will it be an exercise in willpower, it should contribute to a healthier me. As for the commitment portion of Lent, I’m going to attempt to pick up trash in my immediate neighborhood as part of being a better steward of the planet.

Now, here’s the challenge: I’m inviting everyone who reads this, regardless of your religious beliefs, or lack thereof to become involved in the season of Lent. Lent begins on February 21 and runs until April 8. For those more worldly types or those of you without a calendar, Lent runs from the day after the last parade float on Mardi Gras to a week into baseball season. I’m also inviting you to share your Lenten challenges and progress on the comments page of this post.

In other news, the Movies page has been updated and the March to the Mini continues.

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. What’s sad is there is no repentance, only a blind eye toward indulgences, and partial denial of areas–like bubble gum–while the important aspect, their soul, is totally neglected. I wonder how many Catholics end up in hell during Lent every year. I am not wanitng to pick on a particular group of people, but Lent doesn’t make anyone closer to God than even simply attending church services. Jesus said in John 3, you must be born agian…not give up gum and music for Lent.

  2. I have nothing to repent. My soul is particularly healthy and devoid of any anxiety or guilt over actions or words. I’d also say that I never claimed Lent made anyone closer to God. Lent, for me, is just an easy time frame to work to make my life better.

  3. Lent is really about getting closer to God. Do you think you cannot be close to God? The more you push the closer He gets!

    Lent is the time where Jesus goes into the desert. If you have ever been to do the desert there is not much to do expcept to talk to yourself and God. Lent is not so much about giving up something as it is a time to reflect on yourself and how to be better a person.

    As I like to say, “if you want to make the world a better place, start with the person in the mirror.”

    As a Catholic myself, the less you, and the more you do, the louder you are heard!

  4. Well, I’ll not get all Jesusy on you but I’m sort of in the same boat you are. I don’t go all in for religion, but I like some of the traditions I grew up with and Lent is one of them.

    For Lent, I am committing to working out for 40 days. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also committing to journaling my food intake for 40 days.

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