Out of Touch

I, for one, stand with Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks. Dixie Chicks albumIt is apparent from this story that country music is as out of touch as the current administration. I’ve heard the new Dixie Chicks album, “Taking the Long Way”, and it is some of their best musical work to date. Plus, the controversy surrounding Natalie is summed up perfectly in the song “Not Ready to Back Down.” However, I will say this…if you base your listening preferences on your favorite singer’s political views, then you’re missing the point. The point is to enjoy good music, regardless of what comes out of their mouth the rest of the time.

Louisville CardinalAnd, how about those Louisville Cardinals beating Pitt last night, 66-53? Hmm…where are all the naysayers now. I’m telling you right now, with Jerry Smith and Edgar Sosa and Earl Clark, in 2 years, the Cardinals are going to be phenomenal. We’re talking national championship phenomenal. There, I said it. Commence contradictions and laughter…but we shall see.

6 thoughts on “Out of Touch

  1. That was pretty cool winning Album of the Year. The best kind of music always comes out of controversy. The Dixie Chicks get the last laugh!

    Rock and Roll and Elvis rocketed to fame because right wingers thought it should be banned and caused ” a break down in society..” (from Mr. Holland’s Opus)

  2. I love this album. I started out not being too impressed with the musicality of it all, but every time I listen, I hear something new. I went to see them for my birthday last summer and was blown away.

  3. Hi,
    Not sure what I did to merit the honor of being blogrolled here, but I am humbled nonetheless. Puts a little pressure on me to be more brilliant than I actually am. Anyway, thanks.
    -Evan G

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