Grading on the curve

Currently, we’re in a month of holidays that for the most part we hardly celebrate, and we certainly don’t get any time off work.  That’s a shame, because with 2 presidential birthdays and a day for presidents in general, a huge Mardi Gras celebration before Lent…and lest we forget, Valentine’s Day…you’d think that at least one of those days would be reserved for some time off work.  But no…instead, we endure the shortest month with the coldest weather and hope for spring.  Hope for eternal Spring…or something like that.

Anyway, C’s feeling better, so I had to get back on the bike this morning.  It was a cold, cold ride which I was truly unprepared for.  I had not ridden to work at all since Monday, and I think I got soft.  The brisk ride this morning certainly toned me back up in a hurry.  Also, I ran 5 miles last night, in 50:20 which was pretty good.  Here’s a March to the Mini update.

And now…the Friday Five:

  1. For these first seven weeks of 2007, what’s something you give yourself an A for? I’m truly proud of my work in school.  It’s 2 classes that I don’t particularly care for, and are seemingly difficult on several levels…and yet, I persevere because they’re my last classes before thesis and I can’t quit (again) now!
  2. What’s something you give yourself a B for? For being a good husband.  I got C some flowers for Valentine’s Day, but no card.  I’m a little lax in writing a love letter to her.  And I have taken care of her while she’s been sick, but I did complain about her making me late (which I really wasn’t) the other day.
  3. What’s something you give yourself a C for? For running.  I know it all sounds good on the blog, but honestly, I’ve been pretty slack with running.  I’ll skip a day or two, run a couple days, skip the cross training, run another day.  I’ve only run one day outside, so that would be the only day with any hills.  In my defense, it’s been cold, rainy or snowy most of the time.  Still, other people run outside, so I shouldn’t be such a wuss.  But, I think I’m in pretty good shape to repeat in the mini-Marathon…and by repeat, I mean, come in 5214th like last year.
  4. What’s something you give yourself a D for? D for?!  You sank my battleship!  D is such a hard letter grade, because you haven’t failed, but you really sucked for a long time and then tried to make up for it in the end.  I suppose my D would have to be for saving money.  I’m not very good at it, especially when you live from check to check like we do.  But we have plans in place now that car is paid off.  We’ll see how it goes.
  5. What’s something you give yourself an F for?  This one is a little easier.  F for friendship.  I have not seen or been available for many of my friends thus far this year.  It’s a combination of things.  Schedules rule our lives and now with most of them having children, for some reason, it becomes harder to get together.  Rest assured, I’m working on that as well.

Hmm, that was pretty interesting.  Maybe I’ll grade myself later in the year as well.

See you in the funny papers!

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