Veggies and Running

Today is my third day of vegetarianism.  So far, so good.  I will say this…it’s hard to shop for vegetarians.  Or maybe you get used to it, but I went looking for soup the other day, and it’s extremely difficult to find a soup without chicken, or beef, or some meat broth.  Short of tomato and certain lentil soups, it’s not really an option.  I did have creamy portobello mushroom soup yesterday and it was pretty good.  Not filling enough, unfortunately, so I had a Boca burger last night as well.  I think part of the “not-full” feeling was increased exercise.

I ran 10k yesterday in between bike rides to work.  So, overall, I ran 6.2 miles and biked about 5 miles yesterday alone.  That’s quite a few calories for which to compensate.  I also would like to run again today, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I’m running a race on Saturday morning…4 miles.  So that should give me a little over 16 for the week.  I’m behind in training, but I think I’ll be able to ramp it up next week. March to the Mini Update

And now, for the Friday Five, in honor of the Police reunion:

  1. Who’s got you wrapped around his or her finger? Nobody really.  C and I share a relationship of mutual respect.
  2. What’s as easy to learn as your ABCs? I’ll tell you what isn’t…Advanced Quantitative Methods.  Although, I continue to get As, so maybe it is easier than I imagine it is.
  3. Whose destiny is to be the king (or queen) of pain? After a brief look at the lyrics for this particular song, I don’t really have an answer.  My first answer was Dubya, because he seems to be able to inflict pain on the populace with everything from his actions to his mangling of the English language, but that’s not really the gist of the song.  I guess I don’t really know a king (or queen) of pain.
  4. Who would you like not to stand so close to you? Smokers.  Seriously, you’re killing yourself and you’re killing me at the same time.  Plus, the stench, it’s just unbearable.  I’m through with smokers.  You’ve been warned more times than I care to count and I’m done with ya.  No more smoking.
  5. Which animals’ stings have you experienced? Bees and wasps.  I think that’s about it. I’ve never had the fortune of meeting a scorpion, so that one’s out.  I suppose if you count cat claws, then I’ve been subject to that one several times.

That’s about it.  See you in the funny papers!

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