Got a case of the Mondays…

Without a doubt, I’m exhausted. I was tired when I went to bed last night and now I’m still tired, but I have to sit upright (or at least semi-upright) for the next 8 hours and try not to bite anyone’s head off. As Maxine would say…’Don’t worry. If I bite your head off, I’ll spit it back out.’ So where did I get this case of the Mondays? Anyone’s guess.

Friday was gorgeous. I left work early to attend the UofL baseball game. There are few things in this world that are more glorious than a free baseball game in 72 degree weather with $1 beer. Actually, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…it was perfection. There is no alternative. A couple of homeruns, a win against Indiana State (ha, ha Ryan!) and the breeze of a lifetime wafting through the stands.

Saturday, I woke up and went for a run. Not just any run, a 10-mile run. March to the Mini update I should have known better. Ten miles is a very long way to run. It’s what Julie Andrews sings about when she says ‘Fa, a long, long way to run.’ Especially, when the furthest you’ve run all year is 10k (6.2 miles) and you haven’t run since the previous Monday. Saturday night, we picked up my father-in-law from the airport after his trip to Belize, which I understand was truly amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it, even though we stayed and listened to anecdotes and vignettes for nearly 3 hours. I’m also looking forward to the pictures.

Sunday, I had church as usual. It was fine. I directed the choir again for the introit and I think I’m getting pretty good at it. It was a decent service and I drove home with the windows down as the day was once again gorgeous. I had to go back to church at 5 p.m. but it was still a decent service. Brett did a fine job as the new cantor. I played fine. After church, we went out to dinner with Claudia and Rob and their adorable little baby. It was a wonderful meal at Kashmir and then even more enjoyment at Heine Bros.

Yet, today, I’m exhausted and I have a pain in my neck and I didn’t sleep well, even thought the windows were open which I always love. It’s as if today were meant to be a long, bad day. So pardon me, if I don’t feel up to Monday.

See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “Got a case of the Mondays…

  1. Hey, I feel the same way! but at least it is not cold. Today is not bad as I though it would be with the Daylight savings changes.

  2. The Sycamores are holding their own for a mid-major school. We’ve got a 5-5 record so far. However, having a head baseball coach with the first name of Lindsay is interesting.

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