A clamor of bodies crowds into the street.  The icy fresh wave of cool morning air, whistling through the mob, beats a hasty path down the asphalt toward the western edge of the city.  A silent wave hushes the crowd as the anthem to a nation breaks the stillness.  More huddling against the cold; more shuffling, anxiety to begin.  An explosion and the people surge forth, slow at first and then bursting out into the sunlight, away from the cold gray edifice.  Waves of energy cover the crowd as they move up the hill, reaching ceaselessly toward the sun as they forge an eastern path.  Puffs of cold breath evoke past steam engines as the wave of people crashes down upon the street, beating a steady tempo against the morning.  And the race has begun.

Yes, this weekend was the Rodes City Run 10K.  It was a glorious race for me.  I managed a steady pace throughout the race and did not fall into my typical slump when I rounded onto Lexington Road.  I ran it in 1:04:14 which was a new personal best for me.  The March to the Mini continues.

Unfortunately, spring break is over now and the crush of the semester begins anew.  I’m looking forward to parts of it, and other parts, I’d just soon avoid altogether.  C and I did get to see a movie yesterday which was a nice change of pace from our usual Sunday hibernation pattern.  Also got a chance to have dinner with S & C at Kaelin’s which was a very nice evening event.  This vegetarian issue that I have is starting to wear on me.  I long for the texture of meat.   I don’t so much crave beef, but I long for the flavor of chicken or sausage.  Bacon is also high on my list of wants.  I miss bacon.  But, only two more weeks and I can go back to being an omnivore.  It has been nice to have a decent intake in vegetables and I have a newfound respect for the ability of vegetarians to eat in an increasingly meat-filled world, but it’s just not a lifestyle I care to partake in.

See you in the funny papers.

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