Reclaiming TV and other stuff

ROME (Reuters) – The president of Italian state broadcaster RAI has lost his uphill battle to scrap highly popular reality TV shows he considers base and degrading from its channels, at least for now. Claudio Petruccioli had recommended RAI drop the programs from next year, saying they “put people into environments that are both unrealistic and coercive, leading inevitably to unreasonable if not degrading behavior.”  Link to rest of the story

Okay, here’s something I didn’t suspect I would say, but I think that Italian TV may be on to something.  This story is very dear to my heart oddly enough.  Now, I’m not saying that TV should be censored, but I think that we as a society should take a long hard look at what we consider entertainment and possibly rethink some of the shows we bother with.   And, I’m not even talking about Supernanny and Dancing with the Stars now.  I’m talking Fear Factor and Survivor and the guy who just repeats “Git-r-done” over and over.  These shows are detrimental to society in my opinion.  Also, possibly NASCAR and the infomercial guy who screams at you to buy Oxiclean.

In other news, I’m currently in the midst of Holy Week.  I’ve got 4 services and a choir rehearsal under my belt.  Only 4 more services to go and then I’m done until April 15.  My voice is shuddering as I type this because I’m fighting off a host of allergy symptoms in addition to this cold snap which if I remember correctly is termed “dogwood winter.”  I’ve been downing antihistamine and hot chocolate in mass quantities.

I had another flat tire yesterday, so that’s part of what I’ll be doing tomorrow is replacing the inner tube.  It’s very frustrating to find a flat on your main mode of transportation.  And for those of you who don’t know, you can’t just open the trunk on a bike and put on the spare.  It’s a lengthy process and a pain in the butt…and of course it’s the back tire with the chain and all.  Very exciting.

And on top of all that, the grass needs to be mowed, I’ve got 5 shrubs to plant, a project due in Quant. Methods that I’ve barely started on and, OH, I’m running 13 miles at the end of the month and I haven’t even run this week at all.

So, in lieu of doing any of that…here’s the Friday Five:

  1. What’s your routine when you sit down to read a newspaper? Sports section first, always.  I flip immediately to the baseball scores, specifically the Red Sox to see how they did and then to the standings to see if they’re ahead of the Yankees.  Today was a good day.  Read about Dice-K’s performance here. Then, if I have time, I check out the political cartoons in the back of the main section and then the obituaries.  My mother says if you’re in the obituaries in the morning, you don’t have to go to work that day.  Sage advice in my opinion.
  2. When you fire up your web-browser on a typical day, what’s your browsing routine? I usually check my gmail, then I open up my website to check if there are any comments.  Then I check the latest posts from Boing Boing and New Scientist.  I might stray over to Facebook after that, or I might get down to work…depending on my mood.
  3. It’s time to tidy up your living space!  In what order do you normally tackle things? I generally start with dumping all the recyclables in to the bin.  Then, I replace everything in a nice tidy order.  If I’m really cleaning, I’ll actually put away things that don’t need to be out and I’ll sweep the floor.  Dusting is always last on my list of priorities.
  4. Holy cow!  It’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!  How do approach this annual, sometimes-daunting task? I check with C to see if she’s thought about it.  She will then set about buying and wrapping gifts with my invaluable, albeit limited, input.  I really have very little to do with the process at all.
  5. What’s your method for paying bills?  C likes to write checks.  Would that it were up to me, I would pay everything I could online.  Still, she generally writes out the bills and I make sure we have enough money in the account to cover the checks she writes.

So, that should just about do it for today.  See you in the funny papers!

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