Fresh like Spring

This morning, as I rode to work in the rain, wearing my waterproof rain gear, looking like the sun Tulip - Fresh(because it’s all bright yellow)…I was refreshed. There was a feeling of calm and serenity that washed over me as the rain pelted my helmet and glasses. Everything felt right in my world. It was as if the spring rain was draining away all my anxiety and frustration and confusion over various things. So, today is a new day. A new day where the world has a chance to right itself. At least in my mind.

Also, I want to be the first (probably the first) to say to my lovely wife:



She’s worked very hard these last few years and I think she’s the most brilliant, intelligent woman and I love her very much. She means the world to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

See you in the funny papers!

One thought on “Fresh like Spring

  1. Had a good time last night, it was fun watching Gabi actually hang out with you guys and not just cry at the sight of Aaron.

    Note to self, never pee in the Amazon

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