Save Ferris!

Okay, so those of you who don’t know me don’t know that I’m a pretty straight-laced guy. I didn’t drink in high school, I was a virgin ’til I got married, I’ve never taken recreational drugs of any kind, hell, I’ve never even smoked.  I’m the kind of guy who shows up every day to do his job and goes home at the end of the day to watch “Jeopardy!” with my wife.  Ferris Bueller at the Cubs gameThe most reckless thing I do is drive over the speed limit.  But today…today was my Ferris Bueller moment.

This morning I got a message from my friend S.  He said they were going to the Louisville Bats game at 11 a.m. as part of a work reward program.  Now, I’ve just come back from vacation and my boss isn’t around and the receptionist is out, so it’s not the ideal day for me to be taking a “long lunch.”   But, I talked myself into it.

It was perfect.  Just like the movie, we sat out in the sun…enjoying a Bats victory.  I saw the Mayor (yes, Mayor Jerry!) taking in the game from the luxury box one section over.  I even caught a foul ball…first foul ball ever at a game.  It was as if the stars had aligned and I was predestined to be sitting at the Bats game.  It was, literally, my moment in the sun.   It was pretty much the pinnacle of an otherwise mundane day.  If only I had worn the leopard print vest, that would’ve been perfect.

See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “Save Ferris!

  1. There are more reckless things done than just driving over the speed limit. Me, and you know who, know! HAHAHA!

  2. What? Okay…pick a definition. You still got nothing. I thought he was talking about you Angie…but I guess not.

    I’m calling you out. Bring it! *laughing* You got nothing.

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