Odds and Ends

It’s Friday and I have a jumble of things in my head. I thought I’d go ahead and let most of them out onto the screen for your edification.

  • There is an article in the LEO this week by Stephen George that is excellent. It chronicles not driving a car for a month. This means walking, biking, busing, or hitching a ride with a friend. Because I am an avid supporter of riding my bike just about everywhere, I highly recommend it. I think you’d be surprised at how able you are to adopt a “less-car” attitude. If you don’t, maybe at the very least you’ll be nicer to those of us who are saving the gallons of gasoline for you. As well, I think that I may be riding the city bus for the first time on Sunday. We’ll see how it goes. It will certainly be a consciousness exercise if nothing else.
  • How about my boys of Beantown? The Red Sox are up 9.5 on the Yankees after sweeping a twinbill from the Tigers from the Motor City yesterday. That gives them the best record in baseball and a huge lead on taking the pennant this year.
  • I’m in the process of replacing the fence in the backyard. The stockade style that is slowly deteriorating around the edges is giving way to a new dog-eared picket which will hopefully make everything in the yard that much better. Pictures to come, I’m sure.
  • I’m currently reading a really good book called “Running and Being” by Dr. George Sheehan. In it, he talks about finding your Play in life. His Play happened to be long-distance running. I’m not sure what my Play is yet, but it’s important that we all find it. I’m certain that it will change your life immeasurably.
  • Finally, a political note…I was unsure why the USA had anything to do with the World Bank, so I looked it up. Thank goodness for the Internet. Apparently, the president of the World Bank is nominated for a 5-year term by the president of the US and elected by its board of governors, even though the World Bank is part of the United Nations governance system. As of 11/2006, the US held 16.4% of the voting rights in the World Bank, and since all major decisions require an 85% majority vote, you can see how the US would be able to pretty much control everything. I’m certain that the idea of the World Bank was a good one back in 1945, but now, it fairly reeks…possibly even Denmark-ian. And now you know…and knowing is half the battle.

See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Unfortunately, I did not. It was a combination of things. First, I’m chicken, which is stupid, but there it is. Second, the Bishop was coming that morning and I needed to be on time and the bus schedule did not allow for that. The schedule would’ve dropped me off a mile from the church about 2 minutes later than I needed to be at church. So, I didn’t think it wise to use the bus.

    But soon, possibly.

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