It’s finally Friday!

I know…you’re thinking, “well, he hasn’t posted a damn thing since last Friday, so what’s the big deal?!”  Well, I’ve been busy.  It’s weird because I thought when school let out that I would have more free time, but it seems I’m always busy doing something.  Mowing the lawn, taking down the back fence, getting sick, getting well, parties (no, wait…there were no parties…must’ve been a fever-induced hallucination), concerts (there were concerts!), movies, friends visiting.  You know…the usual.  Anyway, so I’m here now, enjoy!

As I referred to earlier, I’ve been doing lots of things.  Movies, Events, and Concerts pages have all been updated since last you were here.  Also, I’d like to take the time out of this post to let everyone know that today is the 30th Anniversary of the film Star Wars.  It has been an integral part of my life and I just want to say: May the Force be with you!  When you’re a Jedi like I am, you get to say those sorts of things.  I’d also like to recommend a show on the History Channel on Memorial Day, two shows actually…there is a StarWars Tech show at 8pm on the History Channel which may have limited appeal for most of you, but Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (9pm) promises to be an outstanding piece of television.  For more, you can visit this link at

And since it’s Friday…the Friday Five:

1. If you were a nocturnal animal, what nocturnal animal would you be? I don’t know that many nocturnal animals…so I’m gonna go with an owl.  Owl pellets aside, owls are pretty darn cool and they just seem to be very well fitted for a nocturnal lifestyle.  Plus, I like the idea of swooping down silently on prey, but maintaining an air of arrogant haughtiness that suggests that eating mice is beneath me.

2. Which is better: to obey the law to avoid punishment, to obey the law because the law makes sense, or to obey the law because everyone should? Well, I think it depends on the law.  Some laws you obey to avoid punishment, like the speed limit.  I think you ought to be able to drive as fast as you want all the time, but I don’t because I can’t afford the tickets.  Some laws make sense like seatbelt laws.  Those laws I obey because they make sense.  Some laws should be obeyed because everyone should obey them…like not riding your bike on the sidewalk if you’re over the age of 11 or not passing on the right.

3. Who is your favorite all time movie villian? Darth Vader.  There is no discussion.  Darth Vader, hands down.

4. Are any kind of ethics involved in wearing a hat? I think there are certain places you shouldn’t wear a hat, like to the ballet or to a fancy restaurant.  However, football games and holiday parties are acceptable.  It also depends on the hat.  You can get away with a fedora in a lot of places that a jester hat would not be appropriate.

5. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? Why? Anytime is a good time for a 20 minute nap, but I think ideally it would be right when I get home from work.  If I stopped to take a 20 minute nap, then my evenings would be more relaxed…but sometimes you don’t get that option.  Also, a 20 minute nap at about 3 pm most days would really help towards a more productive workplace.  A 20 minute nap helps you recharge.  I would vote for a president based on their dedication to a nationwide “siesta.”

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “It’s finally Friday!

  1. Just checked your movie page, and I was right — I DID see you down front at “Waitress” last week. We were a lot further back, and the crowd was too thick to get over and say hi. What a great film (although I thought the doctor should have gotten a divorce and come for her in the end — but then, I’m a ride-into-the-sunset happy-ending kind of person). And I didn’t realize Jeremy is Dick Sisto’s son; that’s a cool bit of local trivia.

  2. Yeah, I thought that her and the doctor should’ve gotten together too, but it ended well. As long as she wasn’t with “Earl.” His character was way too easy to dislike.

    I also knew about Sisto, but only because of C working at the radio station. I don’t know that I would’ve ever made the connection. Did you know Jeremy was on “Six Feet Under?”

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