Linkfest Roundup

Most blogs don’t deal with the ordinary comings and goings of their posters. Most blogs are simply a collection of links about cool things to see and do and buy, etc. In that vein, today’s post is about some cool things I’ve found recently:

  • Courtesy of my wife C, the first cool thing is the Harry Potter theme park, set to open in Orlando, FL in 2009 as part of the Universal Studios complex. I’m tempted to go stand in line now.
  • According to the Mad Professor, the new Griffin iTrip Pocket is the gadget to have in order to play your nano through your FM stereo in the car. Do you remember when cars only had AM stations and listening to your own music was unheard of?
  • Speaking of AM stations, back a hundred years ago, WAKY graced the airwaves here in Louisville. Well, now they’re back (albeit a bit further south in Radcliff) and they’re on the FM dial now. Leslie Stewart has a brief piece in the LEO this week about this WAKY nostalgia and I have to say I’m enamored with the station myself.
  • I don’t really need reasons to not have children. I can come up with several on my own. The first would be the little snot nose brat who just pushed the duress alarm in the women’s room causing public safety to have to come over and turn it off. Second would be the little punk who messed up the sand mandala being created in Kansas City’s Union Station.
  • I don’t hate children…but I do hate the Yankees, especially George Steinbrenner. Mother Jones reports that Steinbrenner is now keeping people in their seats to be force-fed patriotism with the playing of God Bless America. This is an offense against the several people, not the least of which are those who a) don’t believe in God, b) are not Americans, and c) have toLOLcats use the bathroom after 6 1/2 innings of watching the Yankees lose. I’m not anti-patriotic music. Just last week, I was commended for my singing of the national anthem before the Louisville Bats game by a couple of ladies sitting near me. Being told when to sit and stay put is reminiscent of ghettos in Nazi Germany and “colored” lunch counters.
  • The latest net craze (or maybe not the latest, maybe I’m just slow on the uptake) seems to be something called LOLcats. These are apparently pictures of cats (or other animals, or objects, or…well, I could go on) with poor grammatical text that is supposed to induce laughter (hence, the LOL). So, for your edification, I present a link to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? that has collected some LOLcats. I’m guessing that you can also Google LOLcats and find many more if you find them enjoyable.

That does it for the Linkfest Roundup. See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “Linkfest Roundup

  1. I’m not really sure what the “pocket” portion of this little gizmo refers to either…but it’s received glowing reviews. I may have to check it out sometime.

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