What’s so SUPER about Super Regionals?

We’re in ’em…that’s what! Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals baseball team on advancing to today’s start of the Super Regionals against Oklahoma State. Oddly enough, I don’t know much about college baseball…but I do know that 2 wins this weekend puts us in the College World Series for the first time. And that, my friends, is the big time.

In other baseball news, how about that Curt Schilling for my BoSox? He pitched 8.2 innings of no-hitter baseball and finished with a one-hit shutout. Damn you, Shannon Stewart! Of course, that’ll teach Curt not to shake off his catcher. My boy ‘Tek knows how to call ’em.

For those of you who could give a flying flitter about baseball…try this on for size:

  1. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Well, okay this is just coincidence. Baseball. I really like hiking, running, and cycling as well. I guess cycling would be my favorite outdoor activity that I actually participate in.
  2. Are you outdoors not often enough, too often, or just often enough? It seems like not often enough. If I could I would spend all my time outdoors. There are times I like to just veg out on the couch though. But there’s nothing like sharing some ice cream out on the porch with friends. So…if you’re my friend, call me and we’ll go get some ice cream and hang out on the porch. Just not this weekend…I’m too damn busy.
  3. When was the last time you slept in a tent? The last time I slept in a tent was in 1993 or so when a group of us went on a camping trip to Red River Gorge. It was ice cold that next morning and I had to pee twice before I even woke up. But it was a good trip and the fog on the lake was a beautiful sight on that morning.
  4. Where is your favorite beach? My favorite beach is on Hilton Head Island. North Forest Beach near Coligny Circle. That’s where C and I spend our vacations and it’s so very relaxing. But don’t go in May…go in August!
  5. In what social, academic, or professional group are you on the outer fringes of? In what social, academic, or professional group are you right in the middle of? I would say that currently I’m on the fringes of Voces Novae (socially and professionally), the Geography Club (academically) and the American Association of Geographers (professionally). I don’t know that I’m in the middle of anything…save for the Geography department (academically). That’s really about it.

So…enjoy your weekend. I’ll see you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “What’s so SUPER about Super Regionals?

  1. “I had to pee twice before I even woke up.”

    Um….ew. I assume there was a wet sleeping bag or there was sleep walking involved.


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