Paris Hilton buys jail, turns cells into studio lofts

Okay, the above title has nothing whatsoever to do with this post.  If I ever blog about Paris Hilton, I sincerely hope someone will slap me.  I just couldn’t think of a catchy title.

BASEBALL: First off, I want to express my disappointment with the recent slide of the Boston Red Sox and the oddly coincidental rise of the Yank-Mes.  We’ve lost seven games of our lead and surprisingly I don’t think it’s the pitching.  Our sluggers are not batting as well as they have in past years.  That’s unfortunate, but we still have the best record in baseball and the Yankees would not make the playoffs if the season were to end today.  Secondly, I want to offer my sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Cardinals who face Rice U today in Omaha to open the College World Series.  Give ’em hell Cardinals!

Check out the Movies page…updated for last week, FIVE movies.  We’re movie watchin’ fools!

And now…the FRIDAY FIVE (not for vegetarians, unless you’re newly converted to the veggie-lifestyle)

  1. What’s your favorite part (to eat) of a chicken? I love chicken legs.  I have always enjoyed the drumstick and it will probably always be my favorite part.  The wing offers very little meat, and the breast can be too dry.  Thighs are good, but the drumstick is where it’s at.
  2. What’s your favorite cut of beef? I love a nice juicy sirloin.  Something about a medium steak that has just the right flavor.  I don’t care for T-bones or ribeyes, I’m not even a huge filet mignon person (although that would have to be my second choice).
  3. What’s your favorite cut of pork? Oh, now this is so easy.  I don’t know what “cut” bacon comes from, but that’s my favorite.  I love bacon like Bush likes faith-based initiatives.  Bacon is the best choice of any meat there is.  But Bistro 301 has a fabulous pork chop stuffed with chorizo that is to die for.  If it was topped with bacon, it would be ambrosia.
  4. What’s your favorite part of a Snickers bar? What is there not to like about a Snickers bar?  Snickers is practically the perfect candy bar.  If they made Snickers with toffee, I would buy stock in the company.
  5. What’s your favorite part of a pizza? I think it depends on what’s on the pizza.  But I like the toppings the best.  The crust I can take or leave…even if it’s stuffed or covered or whatever, the toppings are what makes the pizza delicious.

5 thoughts on “Paris Hilton buys jail, turns cells into studio lofts

  1. mullah cimoc say paris hilton the good and the courage. him not run away, but go to jail. this calld the charcter.

    she the beautifuyl and the natural and having so many baby in future to be good wife and mother.

    but lesbian ameriki and lesbian ameriki mans hating her for natural the beauty and normal liking the boy.

    ameriki so wicked and hate the woman unless she killing the baby and liking the lesbian.

    in waziristan this not happen. father him not allow anyone hurting him daughter. taking the “special measure”. but ameriki so tame now. no respect for self.

    in waziristan whole clan attacking this wicked judge and destroy, and also destry him entire family, to include even the second cousin. and burn with fire. and all grave of ancestor destroy and give bone for dog.

    hypocrite liar ameriki say him “free” the womans but in true..ameriki woman the whore with LBT (low back tattoo) and hate husband. only free to having the abortion kill bnaby , to being slut and bad wife not cooking.
    so soon all ameriki need make freedom and destroy controlling of usa by masters in tel aviv through spy in white house and pentagon.

    for him true and good info:

  2. This guy cracks me up. I’m not the first to be “spammed” by mullah cimoc (note that the last name is comic spelled backwards). The bad part is, he’s trying to fashion himself as an Islamic holyman, but I’m quite certain that Islamic holymen don’t abbreviate low back tattoo as LBT. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the entire Muslim world knows how to spell America…for better or worse. I’m tempted to email the address, but I just don’t want more junk mail for Viagra and Nigerian bank accounts.

    Also, as a geography student, I can say with a certitude that there is no place called waziristan.

    Actually, I could go on and on about this post, but he’s taken up too much of my time already.

  3. I stand corrected Leftie. However, I don’t know that I would consider Wikipedia to be the definitive research source for anything given its checkered history.

    I should have said…”there is no recognized country known as Waziristan, although it may exist as an informal collection of feuding tribes.” Nonetheless, I still feel as if our friend mullah cimoc is a complete fraud and has merely conjured up Waziristan from the backwaters of Islamic fundamentalism to foist some sort of legitimacy to his rantings.

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